Ways to Display Your Dishes in Your Kitchen


Kitchen trends, like every other trend, come and go. However, kitchen trends tend to stay for longer than a lot of other trends. For example, for years, many people had their expensive china and glassware on display for everyone to see. These days, you only tend to find this in older homes. More modern homes have tended to hide their glasses and plates. They opt for a more minimal look — the less clutter, the better. However, this trend is beginning to disappear slowly, and it is becoming more and more normal to display your kitchenware. Maybe you are looking to display your kitchenware, but you’re unsure how.

Combination Walnut

You could decorate by having a plate rack. This would serve you usefully by giving you a spot to place your kitchenware above your sink, but you’d also be able to display your gorgeous cookware. Perhaps it’s from our Emma Bridgewater or Denby collection.

Wine Racks

Do you have a lot of wine glasses around? You probably do. We offer a very wide range of wine rack options that you can look at. We can even build bespoke wine storage options into cupboards. That will hideaway your wine glass collection for you to reveal later.

Shaker Kitchen

Cookbooks can be a bit tricky. They would look lovely on display, and having them right on hand is great and convenient, but it can be hard to keep them from getting dirty or ruined as you’re cooking dinner. A good way to keep them away from those kitchen splashes but still on display is keeping them on an island. Another idea that would work equally well is a bookcase that looks just like the rest of the cabinets in your kitchen. We offer many different kinds of book storage, which you can see in our Shaker, Linear, and Original ranges.

Harvey Jones Kitchens

How about open shelving for your smaller kitchen appliances? You know, your bread makers, or your mixers or juicers? Using open shelving can be a great way to display your nice appliances and other collections you may have to decorate your kitchens, such as family photos, teapots, or vintage glassware you may have. We have great shelving that we can provide in oak wood, walnut, and primed in any color. This gives you great flexibility in your overall kitchen design.

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