Ways To Give Your Home The Look Of Luxury Without Breaking The Bank


Luxury Home Decor

You have to admit it… at some point or another, you’ve imagined yourself living in one of those multi-million dollar homes with high ceilings, marble floors, and beautiful views. Unfortunately, those thoughts were short-lived because you can’t afford that type of home. But no rules are stating that you can’t achieve that same type of look in your own home for a much affordable price.

All too often we sell ourselves short on beautiful things simply because we think we can’t afford them when the reality is that there is always some alternative way to have what you want. For example, maybe you saw a rug in the Z Gallery priced at $250 but saw a near-exact replica of the rug at TJ Maxx for $89… The TJ Maxx version is considerably more affordable, AND it gave you the same look you saw in the more expensive store.

This trend of achieving quality at an affordable rate is more common than you think in other areas as well. Did you know that certain states are now giving you the ability to choose your own electric provider? This is an option where you still get electricity for your home, but it’s generated from renewable resources and at a fixed, more affordable rate.

So as you can see, there are always alternatives to any and everything, and when it comes to giving your home the look of luxury, you can still give it that look without clearing out your entire savings account. Take a look at how you can affordably drape your home in pure opulence.

Affordable Ways to Give Your Home the Look of Luxury Without the Luxury Price Tag

  1. Get Rid Of Clutter And Unnecessary Junk

One of the easiest and most affordable (free) ways to give your home the look of luxury is to keep your home clean, organized, and free from unnecessary junk. Just think about it… If you’re trying to create a home that’s beautiful and full of glitz and glam, why do so if you’re going to keep a messy home?

You want to dust, sweep, mop, and vacuum every week and keep your kitchen and bathroom clean. This might sound “a bit much” to you, but luxury homes are typically spotless because it allows all the decorative touches to really “pop.”

  1. Create An Accent Wall

Accent walls are a great way to add luxury to any room you choose. But the best thing about an accent wall is that it can be anything you want it to be as long as it draws attention and even sparks conversation.

Most people like to paint their accent wall a bold color to make it stand out from the rest of the walls in the room. Some will even go as far as painting what’s known as the “fifth wall,” also known as the ceiling… It just adds a unique touch to a room and a bit of sophistication as well. Imagine having a room with four white walls, but you look up, and it has a black ceiling with a massive crystal chandelier talk about gorgeous!

Also, a design trend that’s been around but is becoming more and more popular these days are creating accent walls made from patterned wallpaper. This is a very affordable decor trick that not only adds class to a room but also depth, dimension, and personality.

  1.  Add Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most timeless and classic pieces to add to your home to give it the look of luxury. The thing to take note of about mirrors is that they can be expensive. But there are, of course, ways to get the type of mirror you want without paying such a hefty price tag.

People tend to think that you have to shop at these expensive stores to find luxurious mirrors, but the truth of the matter is that you don’t. You can find massive, antique mirrors at thrift stores, yard sales, and garage sales. If you love antiques, fleamarketinsiders.com has a list of the best antiquing towns in the US!

All too often, people will have these beautiful pieces collecting dust in their attics and basements until they’re ready to get rid of them. It’s not until they see their mirror refinished in a friend’s home or a mirror similar to theirs in a store with a high price tag that they realize they were sitting on gold.

By incorporating mirrors into your design scheme, you’re making your home look bigger and brighter from it reflecting light. So whether you add a mirror to your dining room or bedroom, you can’t go wrong. With a little bit of effort and elbow grease, you can take an old antique mirror and breathe new life into it by adding it to your home’s decor.

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