Ways to Make Your House Organized Even When You’re Working


Have you had that experience where you’re browsing through your Facebook feed or Instagram feed, and you wish you had a place as clean and organized just like the one posted by your favorite celebrity? Well, truth be told. There is no way to keep your home as perfectly clean and arranged as it looks on celebrities’ social media, especially when you are working and with children.

The truth is, these kinds of posts are well curated and too far from reality as they don’t reflect life as it should be. But don’t get too discouraged because you can still make your version of an entirely real and clean household if you are strategic and you religiously maintain a system that keeps your place a home sweet home. Here are some ways that work for busy people like you in maintaining order and cleanliness in your household:

Set A Realistic Schedule

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To have an organized place to live in, it is always important to take some time to contemplate and make a concrete and yet an available schedule that can be followed throughout the whole week. In doing so, it is always imperative to straighten out your expectations and be honest about what you can and cannot accomplish in your house based on your work schedule and workload. For instance, you may arrange your cleaning activity on the day that falls on a less busy and tiring day for you- this could be your rest day from work where you don’t have to go to the office.

After making a plan, be sure to stick with it religiously to avoid tasks from piling up what is already a lot on your to-do list. By doing so, you are sparing yourself from disappointments that you may get from executing an impossible plan, and this will save you considerable time that you could spend on having a quality bonding with your family.

Set A Time Limit

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Whether it’s a long-term or a short-term goal, it is always wise to set a time limit in achieving that objective. The saying “Time is gold” could not be more fit in house cleaning, especially if you are the type of person who is juggling in maintaining a household and making a living for your family as well. For example, you may try to set a time frame of two hours to accomplish all the household chores once every week. The secret key is by maximizing the little time you have for each task, and you could only do that if you set a time span that helps you structure your house cleaning plan while keeping your work in order at the same time. This way, you won’t get paranoid that you are spending too much time grooming your home because you have a real and actual track of hours spent on it.

Clean Regularly

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Repetition helps in improving speed. Thus, to make your place organized, you should avoid constantly putting off cleaning as it would only result in a whole bunch of mess. Cleaning your house regularly will help you get familiar with your household tasks, and by doing it all the time, you will get more and more used to it. And before you know it, the chores you’ve been dreading to accomplish before had already become a part of your routine.


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Sometimes, no matter how badly you want to accomplish all the tasks on your to-do list, there are just times when you could not as you genuinely do not have the time. Perhaps it was due to the additional workload assigned to you by your superior or some other personal reasons that require immediate attention. For instances like these, it is okay to let go by delegating your house cleaning tasks to someone else who could handle the job. You may transfer it to one of the members of your family, or you may also consider hiring a professional house cleaner to get things done for you. If house cleaning services look best for your needs, you may also want to consider allocating budget for the assistance they offer and maybe sacrifice something else that you’re spending your money on.

Either way, it is okay to accept that there are some things you no longer have control over with and seeking help might be the only possible way to make your house in order. Instead of feeling guilty about it, it is wise to face the situation head-on and focus on what you can do and not on what you can’t do!


Keeping a pristine home while keeping a job is hard to maintain. True, it is always easy to give up on something we want especially when extenuating circumstances have been getting in the way. But isn’t that the true test of character? Rather than giving up, we should always try to find ways to make these aspirations into a reality. Hence, when it comes to maintaining a perfectly clean home, isn’t it always sweet to come home to a place that is exactly how we pictured them to be it in our minds?

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