Ways to Organize Bookshelf

On September 17, 2013 by Himanshu Shah
Integrated Bookshelves with TV Cabinet

Integrated Bookshelves with TV Cabinet for Entertainment Center Living Room Design

This post is strictly for avid readers as other people will keep everything else other than books in bookshelf. Coming back to the book worms who have this fervent for collecting books will definitely experience teeming bookshelf and books falling down on head!

Modern Artistic Bookshelf

Classy Modern Artistic Bookworm Bookshelf Designs Creative Ideas

Little Girl Reading Lot of BooksIn such case become proud bibliographer by maintain the precious books you have in your collection and more that you shall be buying. Here are some few tips for neatly arranging bookshelf.

This post is also for moms and students who need to arrange the books such as they are easily available and are kept in organized manner and there is no clutter on the study table.

Now that you have decided to organize your bookshelf (Ah! That is a big decision after all!). You need to start by emptying your bookshelf first.

Modern White Bookshelf DesignClean the shelf.

In case you have books which are excessive as compared to space then you will have to make some sorting.

Pile up books which you will now not read or books which your children have outgrown.

Mini Box of Books

Sell the books online or donate it to library or organizations.

Make a small box of books which you don’t want to read but may be in sometime future you may want it or you don’t have heart to give it or your kids might need on later. Pack such books in box and mark it with names of books and keep it in your home storage room.

Now when you have decided which books you want on the shelf it is time to keep them in organized manner that is by categorizing them. there are many ways through which you will be able to do that.

Colorful Bookshelf Design

Categorize and sort as per:

1. Authors
2. Titles
3. Alphabetically
4. Need
5. Genre
6. Fiction or non-fiction

When storing books keep heavy books on lower shelf and light ones on the top shelf

Arrange the books when you have classified.

Try to keep the books vertically unless a book is tall.

Put the book binding outside such that you can title of book is visible.

In between please dust your bookshelf. Use small vacuum cleaner which will help keeping shelf clean and books in good shape.

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