Ways To Personalise The Decor In Your Home


How many homes do we see all the time? We are constantly visiting friends and relatives, and how many of these homes stand out and show the owners personality? Well, this guide hopes to give a few lovely and creative ideas to make a real personal stamp on your living space.

Exterior & Garden

Exterior Pexels Backyard

This might seem like an odd place to begin, but it’s the first thing your visitors will see when they arrive, and that’s the garden and exterior of your house. It’s an area like any other that you can work to your advantage to make sure you think of it as an area that needs features and a focal point. If you paint the house make it match the garden and should the garden be lawn, patio, decking and if so does it match the character of the exterior of the house?


Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is another area which is key as it’s often forgotten how much of a social hub it can be, think of how many times when a friend has arrived the first thing you do is invite them into the kitchen for a coffee? It’s important to think of and keep to a theme in style and color, for some inspiration check out these popular themes and you’ll be doing just fine. There are various aspects to consider when putting a kitchen together, are you getting a stand-alone oven and hob or one that’s recessed into the kitchen units? Are you going to need a table area or breakfast bar? Plan it out beforehand and be sure you’re staying on-theme.

Walls & Art

Art Paintings On Wall

The walls in any room and around the house are important areas to consider like this, next to furniture, is the key area that anyone visiting will notice. If you are painting the walls then are you having all one color? Or are you looking at creating a striking and bold feature with alternating colors, sometimes it’s a real focus to have three walls and one color another contrasting color to draw attention to that as a feature wall?

Another consideration is having art or photography on your walls, and if you have the funds then why not consider an original piece of art? It’s not that difficult to find local artists willing to sell their works. But if that’s a bit out of your price range, then it’s easy to find some great wall art prints from independent artists through great websites that arrange a great variety of prints that can be bought on their own or even framed.

Bedding & Furnishings

Minimal Red Bedroom Design

For bedding and furnishing, there are some great ways to personalize your style with home-made covers for duvets, pillows, and cushions, see here how to make a cushion cover. It’s been a declining art, but the popularity of making your own curtains is also back with a bang! So it’s great to see all those old sewing machines getting some use again and those skills not disappearing!

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