Ways to Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

On May 6, 2015 by Edwin Smith

No one wants to contact the plumber for repairs. Particularly when things fail unexpectedly, or when there is a plumbing emergency, the idea of unexpected expenses and headaches could make for a really bad day gone even worse. However, not all situations can be prevented and calling on Plumbers Boca Raton services is essential. But before you decide to do that, learn about a few typical plumbing emergencies which can be prevented.

Clogged Toilet

The majority of clogs are a consequence of foreign items. Packaging on numerous products can be quite deceptive. In spite of what you may read or hear, the only real item that you should flush down your toilet is in fact, toilet paper. Cotton balls, sanitary napkins, cleaning wipes, facial cleansing pads, cigarette butts and other items do not break down properly and really should be tossed in a garbage can. In case of an overflow, you should learn how to shut off the water flow to the toilet while waiting for the plumber to arrive.

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Never pour hamburger grease, cooking oil or any other fats down the kitchen sink drain. As they begin cooling, the grease becomes solid and sticks to the pipes. After some time has passed, this could result in a serious blockage which can be hard to get rid of without phoning for a local plumber. Instead, drain cooking oils and grease into a separate container and get rid of it in the trash. It is also good practice to utilize a strainer for your sink to keep jewelry, food waste along with other items from becoming washed down the drain and getting stuck. Frequently rinsing your sink with boiling water will help loosen any food matter or grease trapped inside the plumbing.


In case a pipe breaks or leaks or if a joint happens to become loose, switch off the main shutoff valve to avoid water damage. If you switch off the primary water flow, switch off your hot water heater by shutting off the circuit breakers as well as the gas source to the hot water heating unit. Failing to do this may cause the hot water heater to overheat, damaging the heating components and hurt anybody who unknowingly turns on the hot water tap.

Broken Water Lines

This is another possibly inevitable situation; however there are some common causes that you may try to avoid. Roots, trees and frozen pipes tend to be main contributing factors to broken water lines. Make sure that you do not plant trees close to water lines. Additionally, if you are doing some digging in your yard to plant something or other reasons; make sure you know what is beneath the ground. A shovel and a little force can easily hit and damage a water line.

Broken Garbage Disposal

Avoid placing greasy stuff or stringy materials in your garbage disposal. Before you place food in the garbage disposal, be sure to switch it on and run water when using it. To prevent your disposal from jamming, think about grinding a cup of ice cubes occasionally. Doing this will help to loosen any kind of food still trapped inside the disposal.

Regrettably, not every plumbing emergency can be prevented regardless of what preventative steps you take. In case of a plumbing issue, depending on professional plumbers Boca Raton services will help.

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