Ways To Solve Your Major Plumbing Issues At Home


Plumbing Issues At Home

There is nothing more frustrating than a running faucet or clogged toilet. Every homeowner faces significant plumbing problems, yet no one realizes that. Water leakage or clogged toilets are something that no one wants to experience in their life. These issues make up the major plumbing problems at home and require the job of professionals to fix them properly. These problems are always certain to happen, and one must always be ready for them. However, there are many tricks or DIY hacks that can save you from facing these problems while some of these issues are meant to be taken seriously and can result in severe damage to your property.

You can consider the professionals like Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Toronto ON to get your plumbing equipment fixed. One of the problems with plumbing issues is that sometimes you really cannot detect them until they start damaging your property. For that, it is always recommended to perform monthly plumbing inspection to find different problems with the water and toilet equipment. With that said, let’s discuss various ways you can use to solve significant plumbing issues at home.

  • Dripping Faucets

One of the most common plumbing issues at home is the leaking faucet that always sounds dripping at midnight. Many people ignore the fact of fixing the leaking faucets, which results in a sudden plumbing issue in the future. According to research, the leaking faucets waste 9,400 gallons of water each year, which is not something to be ignored. These issues can not only drain the water, but they also drain the money from your wallets.

A damaged seal on the tap’s washer is the prime cause of the complication. The force stiffening or external damage can also lead to damage to the washer seal. However, you can fix the issue yourself with the plumbing tools like a wrench. Force open the washer and then replace it with a new one. After replacement, clean the new washer with a towel and inspect any moisture around the tap. Double-check the water pressure, and you are all set with a dripless faucet.

  • Slow Sink Drainage

Slow sinking is another concern reported by the homeowners. This problem is caused by block or clogged drainage inside the sinks. The pop-up drain also gets clogged, which hinders the draining water resulting in overflow. You can fix this issue by opening the pop-up sink drain and cleaning the hair and other debris. You can pop the drain by opening the screw in the middle of the sink drain.

One way to increase the water drain is by avoiding throwing everything into the sink. The sink has a limited flow for the debris items, which can easily clog up and damages the drain. Things like oil and greasy items can result in the clog inside the drain. Pouring down vinegar or baking soda can also help in removing the clog from the sink drain.

  • Running Toilets

Have you ever wondered whether your toilet is broken, or you left it running in the middle of the night? Running toilets directly impact on the water bills of the month. The running toilets can waste up to 200 gallons each day. There are many fixes for running toilets. For that, firstly, you will have to inspect issues with the flush. Most of the cases, the problem lies with the flush valves, which breaks with a smooth jerk. On the other side, loose and unbalanced fixtures can also promote items for the running toilet.

You can replace the flush valve by purchasing a new one from the local store. The standard size for the flush valves is 3.5 inches and can be installed with a simple wrench. Still, if the problem persists, then you can call the plumber to fix the flush for you.

  • Water Heater Issues

At the start of the winter season, more than half of the people face issues related to the water heater. The most prominent reason for the water heater issues is the sediments that build up in the water storage. If you face the problems related to running out of hot water, you probably have the sediments inside the water tank.

The easiest DIY method of fixing the issue is by attaching a hose to the end of the drain. Put the other end of the hose outside your house to drain all the water. , open one of your taps, which will trigger the drainage of the water heater. Doing so will help in draining all the water along with the sentiments inside the heater.

  • Clogged Toilets

Bathrooms are considered as the busiest rooms in a house, yet they are still ignored for proper care and maintenance. Avoidance of these maintenances leads to serious clogs, which promotes pungent smell. The toilet bowls overflow the water, throwing up all the waste outside it, which is extremely unpleasant.

Toilet drainage is specially designed to flush human waste only. One way to reduce the clogged toilets is by avoiding tossing every item rather than just the tissue and human waste. Wastes like feminine wipes and soap cover obstruct inside the toilet drain, which also damages the sewerage and result in leakage.

  • Pipe Leakage

Leaking pipes sounds like a small issue. But the amount of damage they serve to the home walls and furniture is significant. The pipe leakage also promotes the infestation of different insects like cockroaches, mites, etc. The homeowners are recommended to inspect their pipes once in a month thoroughly. The most supporting reason for the pipe bursts is either a clog or cold weather. Moreover, the duct tapes and fillers can solve the issues for some time. But always consider the services of professional plumbers to fix the leaking pipes rather than digging up everything by yourself.

Final Words

Most of the plumbing issues are meant to be performed only by professionals to avoid the risk of any damage or accident. A small investment in plumbing can save you a lot of costs in the future. However, you can still consider these tips to solve daily life problems.

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