What Affects The Cost Of A Tree Trimming Job?

On March 17, 2018 by Preeti Shah

Whether you’re trimming trees after a storm or just taking care of some errant branches to make your landscape look a bit more tidy, you want to know what the job will cost so you can plan accordingly. There are a variety of items that affect the cost of a tree trimming job. Here at Timberland, when we come out to take a look at your trees, we’ll walk you through each and every one of those items and give you a price you can count on. For now, let’s explore a few of the most common items that affect the cost of a tree trimming job.

Size Of The Tree

Tree Trimming Job
Perhaps goes without saying but a four-foot tree is going to be slightly cheaper than a forty-foot tree. Still, some don’t think about the size of the tree. The taller the tree, generally, the more expensive. Also, don’t forget the size of the tree width wise. If the crown – or very top -of the tree is very wide, the tree trimmers may need slightly different equipment, like a bucket truck. This can affect the price.

Don’t forget too, that the size of the often affects how much needs to be removed and, the amount of material removed is a factor in the price as well. 

Location & Accessibility Of The Tree

Location Of The Tree
If the tree is right in front of your house with nothing else around, then it could be very easy to bring down or trim. However, few trees are readily accessible. A few things to consider here:

  • Does the limbs to be trimmed or the tree to be felled overhand a house or structure? Special slings and zip lines may be required to remove branches to keep them from falling on the structures.
  • Is the tree near power lines? Special equipment and precautions must be taken to protect workers and the power lines.
  • Is the tree located in a place where equipment can’t reach? If the tree is located behind your home or tucked into your backyard, special equipment, or handheld equipment could be required.

All of these items can increase the cost of trimming or felling your trees.

The Overall Health Of The Tree

Health Of The Tree
A tree that is already damaged or diseased is already structurally impaired and so is more likely to come down before the tree trimmers want it too. While this seems like it might make the job easier, it actually makes it harder. For the trimmers to work safely, they have to be able to control the limbs that are coming off the tree. This means wiring up certain damaged limbs with ropes and pulleys, so they can be cut and lowered to the ground. And as always, more time generally means a costlier job. 

Pests & Diseases

Sometimes there are pests and diseases that affect a tree can affect the integrity of the branches or the entire tree. We know from above that this can affect the cost of your tree trimming job. However, sometimes there are pests and diseases that require special handling. Take the Emerald Ash Borer for example – this pest imported from Asia and introduced accidentally has destroyed millions of acres of ash trees across North America. The wood and sawdust must be bagged and taken away to be burned.

So? How Much Is It To Get My Trees Trimmed?

Great question – each situation is unique so the best thing to do is give a trusted tree service company a call. Not only can we give you an idea of the price over the phone, but we’ll also come out to your home to draw up a more thorough quote.

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