What Are Advantages Of Exposed Aggregate Concrete For The Home?

On February 14, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

Exposed Aggregate Concrete
Nowadays, there are a number of applications in which the exposed aggregate concreting can be used in driveway, patio and sidewalks. These are the surfaces that comprise of textured or smooth stones or pebbles according to the preference of the home owner.

Are you planning to carry out some home improvement? If yes, then considering exposed aggregate concrete can be one of the best options. This kind of concreting work offers lots of advantages apart from offering functionality and amazing look.

Following Are Few Advantages That This Concrete Work Offers:

  • Suitable For All Designs: Do you love to experiment when it comes to home improvement? If yes, then this can be one of the best choices as you can get varied color options by making use of any materials such as granite, limestone, basalts and quartz. You can select any of these that you think will look great.
  • Resistant to Huge Traffic: In case there is heavy traffic coming in and moving out of your home then this could prove to be a great option. This is because it comprises of stones and cement which are powerful material when compared to that of the tiles or wood.
  • Durable Option: Exposed aggregate concrete is one of the long lasting materials compared to the old-style concrete. This is because; it is resistant to hard conditions and heavy weight. This makes it an ideal choice for the parking spaces, garages and driveways of the home.
  • Low Maintenance Required: Another good thing about this is that it does not require much maintenance. If you use wood you will need to do polishing so that it looks great and becomes scratch resistant. This kind of polishing is not required with this kind of concrete. In order to retain the beauty, you will just be required sealing it after five years. In order to maintain it well you just need to timely clean it. It is, for this reason, there are many contractors considering this as one of the most practical choices.
  • An Affordable Option: Installing exposed aggregate concrete is one of the cost-efficient options as all the materials required to get the job done can be easily availed from the nearest stores that too at a very less price. Also, you can consider using some materials that are found at your own property like commonly found stones.
  • Safe Option: You will be glad to know that it is one of the surfaces that are slip resistant so that it is a safe surface to walk on in comparison to other options available. This surface is naturally rough and so prevents accidents like slipping or sliding down. Being non slippery, you can allow your kids to play at the driveway as you do not have to worry about them getting hurt.
  • Possibility of Customization: In case you have selected exposed aggregate concrete then it is possible to customize the design so that you can create the right effect you want. Also, there is a wide range of textures and colors available to choose so that you can find the one that is best suitable.

In case you have decided to carry out the project of exposed aggregate for your driveway or sidewalk then make sure you hire a reliable contractor to get the job done. Do not select the contractor that you find first as there are chances that the contractor might not stand to your expectations. Make sure that you research well about the contractor and then hire so that you can get the results as expected.

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  • I have been wanting to install a walkway around my garden, and was interested in the benefits of the different available materials. You wrote that exposed aggregate is considered one of the long lasting materials. This would be a great option, as I could enjoy the beautiful material for years and not have to replacing it again.

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