What Are Different Types Of Solar Inverters And How Do They Work?


In recent years the solar inverter market has witnessed a high rise. This is all because people have realized the benefits of switching to solar energy for residential and commercial use. Even the government stresses the need to switch to solar energy for a clean and safer environment.

Solar inverters, also known as photovoltaic inverters, basically convert the variable Direct Current DC output into a utility frequency Alternating Current (AC). A solar inverter is undoubtedly one of the essential parts of a solar panel system. It converts renewable solar-generated energy and puts it into the valuable task of powering our homes or offices.

Solar Inverter

We can see an increased interest in renewable, green, and clean energy globally; therefore, a solar inverter is one of the best examples of it. The ability of the sun to power your homes or commercial places is a huge environmental plus point.

If you wish to go solar, learn all about the solar inverter before investing in one. There are different types of solar inverters in the market; take a look at them and then choose wisely. Let’s put some light on the types of solar inverters for better clarity.

Types Of Solar Inverters

  1. On-Grid Solar Inverters

On-grid inverters are an excellent option when you wish to stay connected to the utility grid while generating your own power. For instance, if you have a small solar power system and your energy requirements exceed your system’s capacity, an on-grid system allows you to draw power from the electrical grid when required.

These types of inverters have many advantages, including how seamless they are to install and maintain. Moreover, their affordable price point is another point that attracts consumers to go for this type of solar inverter.

  1. Off-Grid Solar Inverters

Off-grid inverters, as the name suggests, do not depend on the utility grid. That is to say, they offer you greater control over monitoring your power generation through your solar panels. Moreover, they are a great choice in case you live in a remote area and can’t entirely depend on the electrical grid.

  1. Hybrid Solar Inverters

These types of solar inverters offer unique advantages over other solar inverters. Like other inverters, hybrid inverters also convert energy from solar panels into alternating current that is then used by your home appliances.

In case you run out of solar energy for some reason, the hybrid solar inverter will automatically switch to the battery and then to the electrical grid in order to ensure that your energy supply remains uninterrupted.

On top of everything, hybrid inverters are an amazing choice if you have very little space for setting up your solar power system. They are also great in case you deal with inclement weather.

Depending upon your requirements or the situation, any solar panel from the abovementioned types will definitely fit in for you. An on-grid can be a good choice if you are looking for a wallet-friendly type of inverter.

Luminous India has taken a significant step towards a greener and cleaner India and makes the best solar inverter in the market. It will be wise to shop from them and make the best use of them. Solar energy is abundant and clean for the environment, and Luminous India, with its wide range of solar power systems, batteries, and inverters, has made the best possible use of it.

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