What Are Double Glazing Windows?


Double Glazing Windows

Double glazed windows and doors are extremely efficient as they reduce heat compared to single glazed windows and doors and provide security and durability. As the name suggests, it’s evident that double glazing has double panes of glass on a window or door. Double glazing works more like fiberglass batts or woolen clothing and traps the air between its layers.

However, it is considered that double glazing is more than just the layers or double panes of glass. In fact, the double glazing doors and windows have sealed glass units manufactured in frames. The components in double glazing windows and doors have the hardware, including accessories like door handles, knockers, door chains, and spy holes. 

Components Of A Double Glazing Unit

As mentioned above, the double glazed unit consists of two glass panes. There lies about 16mm to 20mm space or gap between the panes that make up a sealed unit. The gap effectively makes the door or window insulated because of the airtight gap. As a result, it is considered heat efficient, reducing heat loss through the sealed unit.

Of course, the double-glazed glass is not just a usual or regular type of glass; instead, it is known to be a low E glass or a low-emissivity glass. This means it has a transparent metallic layer inside it that reflects the heat and helps solar heat enter the building.

One of the main components of double glazing glass is that it can also be acoustic, meaning it can reduce noise pollution. Moreover, it has a self-cleaning ability that defines the durability of the frame and its energy rating. 

Advantages And Disadvantages

  • Advantages 

Double glazing Bristol windows are energy efficient and create thermal insulation. This reduces the energy bills as the energy consumption is less in heating up and cooling down space. Moreover, it offers moisture and limited condensation. This makes the room or space feel colder. This happens when the air between the two panes of glass and an airtight seal prevents condensation from building up and blocks the moisture in winters or cold weather.

Furthermore, double glazed windows offer safety and security. It’s not really easy to break them because of their airtight seal. Other than that, it is tougher to force and open them from the outside in general. 

  • Disadvantages 

During the winters, the heat that gets trapped between the two glass panels is advantageous, but the same heat that gets trapped in there during summers can create an uneasy and uncomfortable space in the room. For this reason, many homeowners tend to tilt the windows to clock the heat from entering or getting trapped; however, this additional feature is costly.

To change their windows, they must know that double-glazed windows cannot get repaired. The gap between the glass panes traps air and forms insulation. This happens because of the airtight seal. Once sealed, the panes can’t be pulled apart or repaired; instead, they can only be replaced.

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