What Are Insulated Roll-Up Doors?


Insulated Roll-Up Doors

There are many reasons why you may be considering installing insulated roll-up doors, many of them likely related to the benefits they offer. By their very nature, these doors can be opened or closed by rolling them along a pre-installed track. They are a staple of structures such as factories, garages, and storage facilities and are usually made from a curtain of steel to which flexible insulation material has been added. Let’s see what other benefits these doors offer.

Main Benefits of Insulated Roll-Up Doors

Here are just some of the most characteristic benefits of an insulated roll-up door.

Climate Control

By the mere fact that these doors are insulated, they offer you a greater and much more solid separation between the outside and the inside of your structure. This is ideal to help maintain inside temperatures to a degree that works for you and for the materials that will be stored within that space. An insulated roll-up door can help you maintain the internal temperature of your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Energy And Cost Savings

You may see immediate savings in your energy bills whenever you install an insulated roll-up door. This will happen because the insulation will help maintain and regulate the temperature inside your facility, decreasing the amount of work expected from your HVAC system. Any actions you take to help your HVAC work less will have a noticeable impact on your energy usage, putting money in your pocket.

Insulated roll-up doors are graded with a U-factor. This considers the performance of the fully assembled door and lets you know the savings you are going to be getting.

Protection For Your Assets and Merchandise

If the area where you are installing an insulated roll-up door houses valuables from vehicles to perishables or another type of merchandise, you will be adding a layer of protection to your valuable items. When you allow the temperature outside to flow into your property, the damage to your assets and valuables can be irreversible. Letting hot, cold, and humid air go in and out can cause whatever you are storing to develop mold, freeze, melt, shrink, or, in many other ways, negatively affect what is important to you. Place a solid barrier between the outside and the temperature you want to keep inside by installing an insulated roll-up door. And when it comes to the door itself, by having it insulated, the door will be better equipped to resist damage, increasing its durability and rigidity, making it unnecessary for you to think about replacing a rusted or corroded door every number of years.

Noise Reduction

Industrial and commercial buildings can be loud. When there are machinery, production, and people working, noise is a part of life. By adding insulated roll-up doors in strategic points, you will be able to drastically reduce the noise pollution that now exists within your facility. The better the insulation, the less noise that will be traveling from one area of your business to the other.

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