What Are The Benefits Of Using Different Dry Treat Products?

On July 18, 2018 by Himanshu Shah

What Are The Benefits Of Using Different Dry Treat Products

House cleaning is very important to live healthily and safely. How you clean your house is a very crucial thing in determining the health of the people who live there. Selection of suitable cleaning products is a vital factor in house cleaning work. Different materials are combined to form solid and appealing interior and exterior materials. Accordingly, there are different dry treat products which are used for its cleaning.

Those products which help in treating the indoor and outdoor surfaces are generally called as the dry treat products. These products are very easy to retain the quality of the indoor and outdoor surfaces without causing any defects. If sealing is done with these products then it can reduce the cost of maintenance and keeps surfaces looking good for longer. Dry-Treat products are also used to permanently eliminate unsightly efflorescence salts, control corrosion of reinforcing steel, reduce acid rain attack, mitigate freeze-thaw damage, control alkali silicate reactions, minimize mildew and algae, control graffiti and permanently color pavers.

Classification Of Dry Treat Products

The treat products are generally classified into two major categories. These are regular cleaning product and maintenance products. Have a look upon it.

Regular Cleaning

  • Oxy Klenza: this is the powerful cleaner composed of the triple action oxygen that is generally used for outdoor cleaning. Other natural stones and hard porous surfaces in the exterior are generally cleaned with this.
  • Enzyme active cleaner: the active enzyme cleaner help in cleaning the tough natural stones like marbles. It not only enhances its looks but also removes certain bacterial and harmful enzymes that are invisible.
  • Spray cleaners: spray cleaners are generally considered as the gentle dry treat products that are generally meant for stone countertops. It is comprised of invisible sealer that protects the stone and help in its deep cleaning.
  • Acid cleaner: The ultimate acid cleaner is used to eliminate efflorescence, hard deposits, lime and rust and so on. The chemical content is bit acidic that eats up the hard crust of the surface.

Maintenance Cleaning

  • Masonry and stone cleaning: These types of cleaners are specifically designed to clean stubborn and hard surfaces for removing organic stains. As the name suggests, this is used to clean the embedded dirt on the stones of the indoor and outdoor surfaces which are used occasionally to retain its quality and looks as well.
  • Additive cleaners: power booster additives are used with the normal dry treat products that not only help easy removal but also enhance the dirt lifting factor and cleaning power of the general cleaners.

Vivid Tips To Know When You Use Any Dry Treat Products

It doesn’t matter that you include all varieties of dry treat products, it is equally important to know that how well it can be used and what is the methodology.

  • When you are cleaning the living room area, you should mainly look for clutter issue. Regular dusting should be done to reduce the dirt around you. This is the place where you take rest and relax. If this place would be unfit and not cleaned, it might cause several health issues.
  • A Bathroom should be regularly cleaned as it is the best breeding place for harmful bacteria. The bathroom can either be the dirtiest or the cleanest surface that entirely depends upon the people how they maintain them.
  • Necessary tools including sponge, towels and other cleaners should be included in the house cleaning materials so that effective cleaning is ensured.
  • The indoor and outdoor surfaces are made up of different types including wood, iron, metal, stones and so on. It is important to use specific cleaners for this purpose.

Selection of the cleaners should be done appropriately, and you should know how and when to use it. Correct usage will help in efficient cleaning else might even distort the surface material and structure. Follow necessary tips and suggestions while engaging such materials.

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