What Are The Best Loft Conversion Ideas?


Loft Conversion Ideas

The loft conversion process has become increasingly common recently, and it is hard not to see why. Loft conversions are available in different types and styles, spoiling homeowners for choice.

With the right guidance, you can convert the unused space in your home into a hidden treasure to store your things. Below we discuss the best loft conversion ideas. Also, reach out to us to find out more about plans for loft conversions.

  1. Maximize The Space

The trickiest thing about loft conversions is making the most out of a small space. Ideally, homeowners add value to their living space and bedroom while adding their home value.

You need at least 3 meters to have a comfortable living space.

  1. Add A Guest Room

It is not always practical to include a master bedroom in your attic, especially when you have young children. Instead, you should convert the loft to a guest space for your kids to use when they get older.

  1. Build A Multi-Purpose Room

Loft conversions are a good way to use wasted space, especially if guests are around. Remember, loft conversions add your home’s value by 30%, meaning it is a great investment.

It is advisable to build a multi-purpose room to help you enjoy this benefit.

Types Of Loft Conversions

There are many types of loft conversions, and below, we discuss some;

  1. Rooflight Conversion

A roof light conversion is the cheapest and simplest type of conversion and is ideal for smaller spaces. The loft space is retained after roof lights are added.

The existing floor also needs reinforcement along with insulation.

  1. Dormer Conversions

Dormer conversions are the most common types of conversions, and they use standard windows, unlike roof light conversions. Dormer conversions work best at a higher pitch because homeowners can increase the floor area.

Dormer conversions are sub-divided into the following categories;

  • Single dormer conversion– resemble a loft conversion, and they include a small balcony at times.
  • Double loft conversions- are flat-roofed and cover the entire building span. These conversions incorporate contemporary materials sometimes.
  • Gabled conversions- are more pleasing and are found on the house’s rear side.

Dormer conversions cost $40000 to $50000.

  1. L-shaped Conversions

L-shaped conversions are the best solution for properties with an extended rear. These conversions entail an L-shaped dormer that extends out of the main roof. This conversion type is ideal if you want to use the conversion as a bedroom.

Their cost depends on the specification and size, and the average cost is $40000 to $50000.

  1. Hip-to-Gable Conversions

Hip-to-gable conversions are perfect for semi-detached properties, even though they can be used in detached houses. It will help to consider mixing this conversion with a dormer conversion for the most effective.

Hip-to-gable conversions cost around $70000.

  1. Mansard Conversions

Mansard conversions can add important detail to your house. This conversion entails replacing damaged roof structures with walls.

These conversions can be put at the front or rear part of a house.

Final Thoughts

Loft conversions have become common today, and it is hard not to see why. They have many advantages, and the above article has discussed some.

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