What Are The Best Ways To Keep Your Home Secure?


Keeping your home safe might seem simple, but there are many small tricks you can employ to improve your home’s security. Let’s look at some simple ways you can keep your home safe at all times all year round.

  1. Your Front Door

Front Door Security Alarm

Your front door is going to be the main point of entry for thieves so it should be where you first focus your efforts to keep your home safe. Get a locksmith to inspect the locks to ensure they are in good condition and secure.

If you have a glass or PVC front door, you might want to consider changing it to something substantial and less clear like wood. You can also get doorplates installed to help prevent people from kicking your door open as well.

  1. Home Alarms

Home Alarms

While alarms aren’t as commonly seen in the average household like they are in businesses premises, they can still be a great way to improve home security. Home security systems come in many forms, but most operate similarly if you don’t enter the right code in the set time limit the authorities will be notified.

Home alarms come in many different forms; some can even be set-up to protect your windows as well. Just make sure the code/ password is secure and not left on the alarm unit, you would be surprised how many people do that!

  1. Security Lights

Security lights are incredibly important when it comes to ensuring home security; the good news is many households will already have one installed as well. Just make sure yours works correctly by getting the bulb changed regularly. If you don’t have one, then get one installed as quickly as possible.

  1. Locksmith Inspections

Locksmith Inspections

A locksmith is a valuable way to ensure your home is safe and secure; they will be able to spot potential security risks that the average person would miss. So, contact a professional experienced locksmith to carry out an inspection of your home every so often.

If you have just moved into a new property, then calling a locksmith is one of the first things you should do. They will be able to examine doors and windows with a trained eye to see if there are any severe security risks.

  1. Closing Blinds/ Curtains

Super Smart Home

One useful trick to improving home security is always to remember to keep your curtains and blinds closed when you go to bed or leave for prolonged periods. Having your living room on full display can make it very enticing for would-be thieves so if you are leaving for a long time keep your curtains/ blinds closed.

  1. Using Your TV/ Radio

Security Doors in Melbourne

This might sound counterproductive to my last tip, but in some cases, actually keeping your blinds/ curtains open can be beneficial as well. If you keep your TV on then, people passing by including potential thieves will think someone is.

However, you can also combine this tip with the above as well, keep your TV playing or radio on with your curtains closed and then people will still likely think you are. This tip can also be useful for people in apartments as people who hear a noise behind your door will be unlikely to want to risk entering.

  1. Padlocks

Combination Padlock

Padlocks are a wise investment for anyone wanting to improve home security even if they do seem relatively low tech these days. There are so many places you can use a padlock to enhance your home’s security like on any gates. Padlock keys are easy to use, but a qualified locksmith can use a key machine to make you a new one. You can also use them to lock your shed and even cupboards indoors as well. Locksmiths can supply all kinds of padlocks so you don’t have to stick with the standard ones you can buy from shops.

  1. Window Locks

Window Locks

Finally, one last way to protect your home from any potential security risks is to ensure your windows are secure as well. You would be surprised how many people don’t consider their windows when it comes to home security.

But just like your doors, your windows should be regularly inspected to ensure they are safe and secure. If they are particularly old, then you should contact a locksmith to get them to install new more modern window locks for you.

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