What Are The Causes Of Blocked Drains For Drain Cleaning Services?

On February 19, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Blocked drains, could be a nuisance, if not detected and treated at an early stage. They can lead to serious leakages, overflows and even electrical damages. The outdoor drain blockage is caused by a buildup of dead leaves, tree roots, branches, etc. blocked drains are the breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects, and the foul water from the blocked drains can also contaminate major portions of the underground water, and create an unsatisfactory condition for your health.

What are the causes of blocked drains?

Drain Cleaning

  • Foreign Objects like soap, jewelers, toys, paper get lodged in the drain leading to blockage.
  • Plants: Most of the robot’s head towards the drain in search for moisture, thus cracking the pipes leading to blockage. Either due to rain water or due to overgrown roots which block the drainage system, the blocked drains create a severe problem during monsoons.
  • Hair: is the major cause of blocked drains. They get accumulated in drain, preventing water to flow freely.
  • Kitchen waste: Peels, greasy and fatty substance that enters the drain becomes problematic. They do not exit the pipes rather stick inside, causing a significant and stubborn build up.
  • Toiletries: Waste like sanitary waste, tissues, wipes, etc. do not disintegrate easily. Infect most of them get swollen when immersed in water leading to blocked drains.
  • Quality of pipes used: usage of fragile or vitrified clay pipes needs to be fitted carefully to avoid any problems leading to blockages. Blocked drains can also be the results of misaligned pipes during a home renovation project.

To prevent such blockages, it is necessary to monitor what goes down the drain on regular basis. 

Drain Cleaning

  • Carefully scrapping all the left over in the bin. It is advisable to use a cleaning detergent or soap that breaks down the grease and oil used for cooking. Excess grease and oil should not be poured into the kitchen sink. A flush of hot water down the kitchen drain helps melt the grease preventing it to cling onto the pipes.
  • Bathroom: Avoid throwing anything in drains. These foreign objects, collect with other debris causing blockage. Sanitary dispose should be thrown into dustbins as they jam the narrow pipes leading to over flow of water.
  • Outdoor drainage: The outdoor waste washing down the drain easily causes obstruction, as they do not wash away easily. Regular cleaning of roof and the garden can avoid collection of outdoor debris.

 Blockages are a result of accumulation of muck and detritus of the past few months.

  • How to unclog blocked drains? Plunger: Use of plunger starts clearing the area in and around the drain. It creates a suction that starts clearing the pipe eventually.
  • Hair removal cream: Pour it into the drain, and allow it to stay for approximate 30 minutes. Flush the drain with force of water. It will dilute most of the debris blocking the pipe.
  • Soda Bicarbonate: Pour a cup of bicarb soda into the drain followed by an equal quantity of water. The reaction will cause a lot of foam and pressure leading to flushing out of waste.
  • Manual approach: Use of drain snake or opened clothes hanger or long wire to hook and bring up blocking waste in the pipe like hair, wipes etc.
  • The last approach is seeking professional help in case the blockage is stubborn and is damaging the pipe.

Drain Cleaning Service
Every house understands the importance of kitchen and bathroom drainage. These are the areas that are used regularly and have a tendency to get dirty quickly. Blocked drains not only cause unpleasant situations, but also are also very difficult to be cleaned.

You can call the professional plumbers to get rid of the foul stench, as they investigate the depth of the drains with updated instruments, and then they clear and unclog the drain.

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