What Are The Different Types Of Underground Boring Machines?


Underground Boring Machines

Underground boring machine is an essential thing to have for many homeowners. However, given the advancement in technology, there are many different types of underground boring machines now available in the market. This has made it difficult for customers to choose the right one.

Many sellers would regard as all the models as one size fits all. This is not the case at all. Each type is different in its way and might suit different people with different preferences. Here are some of the types of underground boring machines listed:

  1. Main Beam Boring Machine

This is an ideal type to choose if you want to dig through hard rock. This is perhaps the best type to choose if you’re going to drill through the hard rock in the shortest time. The machine operates by thrusting the disc cutters through the stones. The combination of rotation and high thrust helps in chipping away the rock. It allows the machine to advance with ease. You can get to more about different boring machines on the underground boring sunshine coast.

  1. Double Shield Boring Machine

This is one of the types which is sold by many manufacturers out there. This is one of the ways which can help you to take on different scales of tunneling projects safely. Projects that require passing through fractured rocks can be done using this type of boring machine. There are three shields in the machine with a rotating cutter head in the top. It is perhaps one of the most useful mechanisms to use.

  1. Single Shield Boring Machine

Where there are large sections of broken ground to bore through, these are just the ideal types to purchase. A broker ground can be a safety risk for boring projects. This is why a single shield boring machine can work as a shield which will protect workers from the broken rocks. It is widely used within the industries in this day and age. You should consider this type if it falls within your preference.

  1. Cross Over Boring Machine

These types are used primarily for projects where there are some geographical concerns. If there are several geological features to dig through, then this might be the best boring machine to consider. If the project includes sections of soft ground, hard rock or different boulders, then cross over boring machine might be the best option. There are many interchangeable parts within the machine itself which helps to meet the diverse needs of the project.

  1. Earth Pressure Balance Boring Machine

These types are specifically designed for operation in soft ground conditions that include more water under pressure. It is perhaps one of the most popular types that have been used by many users.

The Bottom Line

Above are some of the types of boring machines. In the end, it depends on what you need out of the machine. Hence, choose the model which suits your preference the most.

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