What Are Wallflower Scents?


Wallflowers Fragrances

If you walk inside most homes today, you will notice a unique scent that dominates most parts of the house. But mostly, these scents will be noticed around the living room and maybe the bathroom. Mostly, they are considered to be air fresheners. The main aim of these scents is to give the house a unique, fresh, and sweet smell instead of a plain smell. Nonetheless, they will not automatically get rid of a bad smell, especially when the room is dirty. Before using the air fresheners, the house must be cleaned properly then the scent is used. There are many reasons for using air freshener.

Gone are the days when you had to spray a specific air freshener around the house to maintain the scent. Today, you have to install the air freshener in a particular place around the living room, and it will spray in intervals. One type of these sprays is the wallflower scents.

So, What Are Wallflower Scents?

Typically, air fresheners are mounted on the wall, and they will automatically spray around the room. They come with a customized bottle that will scatter around the house in intervals. First, however, they will be mounted on the wall and plugged into the socket on the wall.

This way, the bottle will emit the spray automatically through the socket. Some similar sprays will usually run on batteries. The best place to mount it is almost in the middle of the room, which will then spray the scent all around that room.

How Do They Work?

Without even going deeper into the step-by-step functionality of these scents, you can already guess how they work. There is nothing too complicated with them. Here is generally how the wallflower scents work:

After you buy the plug (that goes into the socket), you will need to remove the cap from the fragrance, twist in the wallflower fragrance refill, and finally plug it into the socket appropriately. From there, the wallflower will leave a nice smell around the room automatically. Some wallflower plugs will come with switches that let you adjust the intervals. You can choose how many times you wish the wallflower to spray around the room.

Since most of the air fresheners are not long-lasting, you will need to choose the plug to spray in intervals of five or ten minutes. But this also depends on the size of the room.

What Are Wallflower Duo Plugs?

As the name suggests, the wallflower duo plugs are but two scents that come in one unit. Here, you will have two different scents, which will automatically alternate when you have plugged the unit into the socket. In addition, the fragrances will rotate every 48 hours as you have set them.

But you may wonder, ‘why is this important, and how can it help?’ Well, there is nothing extraordinary about these duo wallflower units, but only that you get two scents in one spray. Another thing is that it helps to prevent fragrance fatigue in the home. Here, your home will stay fresh with a unique smell every 48 hours.

Nonetheless, you will have to choose scents that blend well together. They should not be too distinctive that it messes the whole smell in the house. Luckily, these duo plugs will come with ready-matched scents. In other words, the makers of the fragrances already know which scents will go well together.

How Are Wallflower Scents Different From Regular Air Fresheners?

If you doubt if you should replace your regular air fresheners with wallflower scents, you should know that wallflower scents are the way to go. You see, the air fresheners are generally about spraying the house and keeping it fresh-smelling. Even if you go for the automatic sprayers, the wallflower scents are still better.

But why is that so? Well, the first significant benefit is that wallflower kits come in a nice and extra appealing design. Some will have plugs that feature a flower design or some unique style that makes it look elegant on the wall. You might even find one looking like a pendant. In other words, they are more attractive than regular air fresheners. Keep in mind that others come in duo kits.

How Long Will Wallflower Scents Last?

Honestly, it is almost difficult to answer this question because it depends on a lot of factors. For instance, it depends on the concentration of the fragrance, the room’s size, and the spray’s location. For example, suppose you place the wallflower scent near a door or window; the air will blow the scent outside, making it less noticeable in the house.

A spray in a larger room won’t last for long compared to that of a smaller room. Plus, a highly concentrated fragrance would last longer than a lowly concentrated fragrance.

In terms of the general durability of the scent, it will depend on the number of times it is sprayed. But all in all, it would serve you for about four to six weeks. This is how long the refill would last. So, when you need to buy, you will only go for the refill and not the plug you purchased initially.

There are many wallflower scents refills that you can choose from. Just be sure of choosing the right fragrance based on what you find appealing. Also, don’t forget that it shouldn’t be too strong for the visitors.

Any Safety Tips?

Since the plug goes to the socket, you will need to be careful when handling it. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Twist clockwise to uncap the refill and counter-clockwise to attach it to the plug
  • Ensure the plug and fragrances are placed upright when in the socket
  • Ensure you keep a 12-inch clearance above the plug to prevent the fragrance oils from damaging your furniture
  • Do not refill the fragrance when it is plugged

Luckily, most plugs will come with some nightlight glows to let you know where it is at night. Plus, one plug should last for around two years before the need for replacing it. The best part is that most of them have a money-back guarantee – so you have nothing to lose.

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