What Aspects To Focus On When Decorating Your Hallway


Decorating A Hallway

One of the most neglected areas in most homes is the hallway, yet it deserves as much attention as other parts of your home when it comes to decoration. It may look like an unimportant part of the house since you may only be quickly brushing past it when going to the “more important” parts, like the living room or kitchen. However, it will remain a part of your home that you use daily, and with a simple touch, it can quickly become an outstanding feature of your home.

A hallway is a small space that will not take much of your time to spruce up. All you need is a few décor pieces and right highlighting, including things like console tables, framed art, and wall mirrors. If you still doubt where to start and what to add to decorate your hallway, keep reading for expert advice.


While it might seem pointless, there are many ways you can incorporate décor into the hallway, considering that it is on the narrow side of the home. Benches, mirrors, runners, artwork, consoles, table lamps, and elegant handrails are the common décor best fit any hallway. All these items offer aesthetic satisfaction and still serve their purpose.

Mirrors can bring light to the hallway and make it look larger, while a glass fixture gives your space a vintage-inspired look. The console elongates the hallway space, while the handrail offers safety when moving around the area.


The first thing every homeowner needs to do before starting the decoration journey is to measure the hallway. Know the size of the space you are working with to get everything else that follows right and easy. Determine how narrow or wide your hallway is to get a clear focal point.

No one will want to buy a mirror, handrail, or console only to find out it is small or bigger than it is supposed to be. Accurate measurements will save you time and money since you won’t go back and forth to the shop.


Knowing the depth of your hallway is recommended to know how and what to add as a décor. For example, you should work on the ceiling and floor if your hallway is narrow to focus all the attention in front as you enter the house.

Installing an elegant floor pattern will fool the eye into seeing the depth of your hallway and still offer a traditional and welcoming space. You can use bold colors to draw the eye as you move from outside into the space: don’t make your space look too harmonious.


It is better to get the lighting right the first time. A common mistake most homeowners make is forgetting that hallways don’t get natural light more often. This explains why it is essential to get the right lighting fixture that fits the depth and scale of your hallway. You can use overhead light, but table lamps are ideal for hallways with low ceilings.

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