What Causes Drain Blockages?


Professional Drain Unblocking Essex

There is no denying that blocked drains are extremely nasty. They cause lots of inconvenience to the homeowners and result in a terrible odor, which is almost unbearable. Drain blockage is one of the common yet disgusting household problems. If not addressed soon, clogged drainage can cause significant harm to your health.

Cleaning your drainage by removing the junk, hair, and build-up of foreign particles is a complex job. Not only does it sound a bit filthy, but unblocking clogged drainage requires knowledge and experience. A professional drain unblocking Essex company has the expertise and tools to unclog any sort of drainage and help you get rid of bacteria and other contaminants.

Before you take any step, it is important to check out your drainage and ascertain the underlying condition. Is it because of excess grease? Or, is your drainage system blocked due to the collection of hair and dirt? There can be multiple reasons for blocked drainage. Let’s look at the most common ones:

  • Accumulation of Hair Near the Drainage

You must have experienced a blocked drainage system due to the collection of excess hair. Usually, the task is as simple as removing the hair from the drain and fix the issue right away. If left unaddressed, there is a good chance the build-up of hair will clog your drain and make it nearly impossible for homeowners to unblock the drainage system.

Do you know the accumulation of hair is the most common and leading cause of clogged drainage? Well, your hair tends to fall off your scalp while you are in the shower. Additionally, people often do their hair near the sink.

It doesn’t cause major issues until this hair blocks the main drain pipe. If you are unable to pull the hair out of your drainage system using gloves or cleaning devices, consider hiring a drainage cleaning specialist.

  • Grease Build-Up

Fat and grease are likely to accumulate in your bathroom and basin over time. Being one of the common reasons for drain blockages, grease can be a nuisance to clean. Sure, you could keep your basin clean and maintained all the time. But, can it keep your drainage pipes from this fatty substance?

Unfortunately, grease and fat passes through your sink and get stuck inside the drain pipes. The condition worsens when you neglect the issue. It keeps on accumulating in your drain pipes until it reaches a point where the liquid will no longer pass through the drain pipes.

These fatty substances and stubborn grease are way too hard to be removed using regular home cleaning tools. You will need professional help to get the stuck grease out of the drainage system.

  • Heavy Rain and Storms

It is common for the drainage system to get blocked during Monsoon. This happens due to excess moisture and a considerable amount of water accumulated in the drains. The drainage systems are not made to absorb the rainfall. Most homeowners report the overflow of water from their drainpipes and gutters during the monsoon.

Not only water, but the leaves and foreign objects will make the situation even more complicated by causing a major blockage. It’s nearly impossible for a homeowner to keep an eye on their drainage system during monsoon. Sure, you could take care of the regular and basic maintenance. But, you can’t stop the rainwater and filth from accumulating in your drain pipes.

If you notice overflow of rainwater or clogged drainage, contact the nearest drainage cleaning service provider and get all the dirt and excess water removed from your drainage.

  • Foreign Objects

We keep on dropping soaps, shampoo wrappers, food, kid’s toys, sanitary products, and other objects in the drainage. Unlike other conditions, some foreign objects lead to immediate blockage of the drainage. Since they are huge in size, they clog the drainpipe immediately.

Some people have a habit of flushing the baby’s wipes and diapers. Note that these foreign objects can cause significant damage to your drainage pipe and may result in a serious blockage.

  • Poor Pipe Installation

DIY methods might sound cost-effective. It seems pretty easy to install a drainage pipe in your apartment. But, poor installation can cause a serious drain blockage.

While trying to save some bucks on the drainage installation, there is a good chance you will end up spending more on fixing the clogged drains. That being said, it is better to leave it to the professional drainage installation company. This will help you avoid future expenses.

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