What Colour Should I Paint My Kitchen With White Cabinets


Kitchen With White Cabinets

Having decided that the units in your new kitchen are going to be white, you would then move on to additional colors. If you have opted not to use a covering for the walls such as tone or wallpaper, then you will be looking at colors and wondering what to use with white.

So, What Colour Goes With White?

Truthfully, every color goes with white. What makes the difference is the effect you want to achieve in your kitchen.

Let’s Look At Some Colours

Color Scheme For Kitchen Cabinates

  1. Grey: It is a very sophisticated match which is very well suited to modern kitchens with steel cabinets. Grey will give a clean look although you will need to add strategically placed lighting to avoid dark areas.
  2. Beige: Beige and white will have a warm, soft look. You may choose to add beige in a seating area because it will look at a cozy space. Adding color to a beige wall using pictures leaves you open to use any colors you like because it is a relatively neutral color and will showcase other colors very well.
  3. Yellow: Yellow and white combined will give the impression of sunshine and happiness while still having a fresh, clean look. Yellow as a color is cheerful and will add this element to any area you use it. Yellow can also be used very successfully in country style kitchens and lends itself to country décor.
  4. Blues: The deeper the blue, the more elegant the impression. Dark colors will also appear more relaxed. The new color you add in the way of pictures will need to be carefully chosen so as not to clash with the blue you want.
  5. Browns: Brown colors add a cozy feel to any room. You can choose any shade of brown to give a comfortable look, although darker hues tend to look more intimate than lighter tones. There are hundreds of other colors which you can use to accessorize a brown wall as although it is a dark color; it is very versatile. You can look up the right mix of colors for bespoke kitchens on Claire’s website.

Points To Consider

Whatever paint you choose, be sure that it is suitable for interior, and meant for the kitchen.

Use only washable paint. It is inevitable that you will splash food or water in the kitchen so the walls should be washable.

Match it with your favorite accessories before you start. If you want to add other things such as cushions and pictures make sure the paint goes well with them. Otherwise, you will be inclined to replace them, and may not want to do this.

To Sum Up

So, it seems that there are several different colors which will go well with white kitchen cabinets. It’s a good idea to get a few small tubs of colors you like and paint a small area of each of them. Take a few days to decide which one appeals to you the most before starting to paint.

Remember that in the end, it is your kitchen and any color that makes you happy there is the right choice.

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