What Do I Look For In A Home I Want To Buy?

On September 12, 2018 by Jesse Hughes

What Do I Look For In A Home I Want To Buy?

Choosing the right home is a very personal decision. After all, your needs will not be the same as your best friend’s; or even your new neighbor.

That’s why it is essential to do your research and look at as many different properties as possible. It’s not always a good idea to judge the property from a glance at the outside.

There Are 3 Main Places To Look When Searching For A Home

  1. The internet can provide a window on the range of properties on the market.
  2. Your real estate agent can help you to identify the right ones to look at.
  3. Your local auctioneer, such as Chris Scerri will know about houses that are distinctive, original and even potentially cheap. This is often an untapped gold mine!

But, no matter what your budget and dreams; there are several factors you should consider when looking for a new home:


There are plenty of environmentally friendly homes on the market if that is what concerns you. However, the real purpose of the environment is to assess and check whether your house is in a flood risk area, or prone to earthquakes; or any other type of natural disaster.

If it is you’ll have to consider carefully whether you want to take that risk.


It is also important to look at the location in regards to what your needs are. You’ll need to consider whether it’s an easy commute to work, whether you have shops nearby and even what the nightlife is like.

Additionally, if you have o are hoping to have children you need to check the local schools to ensure you’re sending your child to a good one!

Rooms / Redesign

Now that you’ve established the area meets your needs you can step inside. You’ll need to visualize the potential inside; unless you have no intention of doing any work in your home.

This means that a 3 bedroom could have the potential to become a 4 bedroom or even a 2 bedroom with en-suite. The property you’re looking at is effectively a shell to be designed around your needs.

As long as it has a good flow and enough rooms; or the potential to create this; then you should consider it a contender.

Many people say you simply know when you walk in the right house; this may be true but you need to stay a little pragmatic when viewing a home.


Don’t forget you have a budget and this needs to include your renovation/redecoration works. While the price of a property is often flexible you do need to consider the number of funds necessary to turn it into the property of your dreams.

Look Outside

While you’ve looked past the exterior of the property it is still important to look at the outside space. You’ll probably want room for an outside seating and entertaining area. You may also want to have flower beds and an area for children to play in.

Make sure you can create all the necessary areas of your yard and still enjoy the space!

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