What Do Residential Architecture Firms Do?


Residential Architecture Firms

You may wonder about the difference between different architects. For example, what do residential architecture firms do exactly? These types of architects design residential developments and focus on building homes. They can either be independent or work within a firm.

This blog discusses the differences between the different types of architects and how residential architecture firms differ. It also talks about the different levels of architecture and their licensing requirements and responsibilities. If you’re looking for a designer for your new home, you need to know what residential architecture firms can provide.

Continue reading to learn how to choose your residential architecture firm.

What Are The 7 Types Of Architects?

Residential Architect

Residential architects focus on building homes. They devote their expertise to customized residences, noting the spatial and functional requirements and formulating their plans around the design, layout, and elevation levels. They also estimate the cost of materials and services and create a budget accordingly.

Commercial Architect

These types of architects are the most well-known architects. They create artistic buildings in city centers. Architects like I.M. Pei are the most notable commercial architects. However, while famous commercial architects get all the credit, this profession has many unsung heroes who easily make things like shopping in a mall. A poorly designed building can wreak havoc in the commercial arena. These professionals have construction, engineering, and artistic skills.

Interior Designer

Interior design deals with the internal elements of construction. For example, an office, restaurant, or homeowner wants their interior redesigned to be aesthetically pleasing and more functional. Some architects eschew interior design while others, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, actually preferred interior design for his project.

Green Design Architect

Green design architects are more popular than ever. The profession is relatively new compared to the other types of architects. That doesn’t mean it’s less important. In fact, in many ways, it’s more important than other architects. These professionals innovative green design methods to have a minimal impact on the environment, incorporating solar energy into building design.

Landscape Architect

Landscape architects design outdoor spaces such as parks, gardens, neighborhoods, campuses, and public spaces. They do so intending to create an inviting, efficient, and harmonious environment.

Urban Designer

Urban design is a somewhat broad subject that includes building architecture, landscape design, and green design. They can design cities and incorporate new design elements into existing cities.

Industrial Architect

Industrial architects design buildings with industrial processes in mind. They need to consider concepts such as chemical waste procedures and design efficiency.

What Do Residential Architects Do?

Residential architects aid in six services throughout their projects: programming, schematic design, design development, construction documents, hiring contractors, and construction.


In the initial phase of the residential architect, programming includes discussing goals, needs, and functions for the project. It discusses the proper building coding and zoning regulations. The architect helps the homeowner develop a realistic budget.

Schematic Design

After creating an initial budget, your architect provides conceptual sketches and design options based on your programming stage. During this stage, your architect should propose building materials and the overall scope of the project.

Design Development

Residential architectural firms prepare the detailed drawings and finalize your plans during this phase. They finish the shapes and sizes of your rooms and outline construction specifications, listing all the major materials needed.

After you approve your residential architectural design firm’s proposed drawings, your architect will work with you to find contractors to give you cost estimates.

Construction Documents

The construction documents are some of the most critical aspects of your overall project. Your architect will develop detailed drawings and material specifications during this phase, and they will estimate the overall construction costs to build the project.

Hiring Contractors

Since your architect likely has a diverse network of contractors, you should consider asking them to recommend contractors for you. Your residential architecture firm will be able to manage the contractors throughout the job.

Construction Phase

During the construction portion of your design process, your residential architecture firm will oversee the contractors make sure the job stays on schedule. These firms keep you informed about the project’s progress and manage any changes or problems that may arise.

Levels Of Architectural Design Services

Residential architectural firms provide the highest level of service for architects and are full architecture projects. These professionals are licensed to design homes by the state in which they practice. To be granted a license, they must earn a degree from an approved architectural firm, complete an internship, and pass a final exam.

Architectural designers have experience in architectural design. However, they are not licensed. They may only work with a licensed architect. They can not design by themselves. Builders also offer design services, and they often have an on-staff designer. Design-build firms offer both construction and design services.

The draftsperson is whoever puts your architectural plans on paper. They produce the drawings you need for the building.


Residential architecture firms provide you with all of the necessary drawings and resources for your new home. They see your project through from start to finish and make sure you stay compliant with all local zoning restrictions and laws.

These firms are different than other architects, such as commercial and industrial architectural firms. They focus entirely on homeowners or construction companies looking to design their new homes or development.

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