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Junk Removal

Residential junk removal services are helpful when you need to do an estate cleanout, move to a new neighborhood, or move your office to a new building. When getting ready to move, the hardest thing is often getting rid of things you don’t want or need. In addition to cleaning your workplace and garage, junk removal services may help you remove away unnecessary objects so that you can dedicate more time to the things you would like to preserve. Use the table of contents below to find your way around this guide.

What Is Residential Junk Removal?

Junk removal is an important part of getting rid of clutter because it involves getting rid of things in the right way. A regular junk can, or a trash removal service will just dump your trash in a landfill and leave. Residential junk removal services make sure that materials are thrown away in a way that is safe for the environment. As a result, refurbished goods are less likely to end up in dumps.

According to a 2019 research, barely 9% of garbage in Canada is recycled. British Columbia has the greatest recycling rate, at 69 percent, as of 2019. The recycling rate in Ontario has fallen from 60.2 percent in 2018 to 57.3 percent in 2019. However, only a 31percent of Americans trash and most junk removal firms have a “green initiative” or “ecological pledge” demonstrating their desire to recycle. Qualified junk removal services understand their role in prolonging the life of our environmental assets by recycling or donating as much as possible.

Junk removal can also be done in other ways. For example, contractors who help people fix up their homes may need the help of junk removal companies on their building sites. Commercial junk removal services find good spots for renovators to throw away hazardous waste without slowing down the building process.

Who Benefits From Junk Removal?

When broken down, junk removal is valuable to anyone who needs to concentrate on their newly renovated or cleaned-up environment. Getting rid of clutter in your house or office will improve your life and job. When people engage in a junk removal service, they can also focus on their busy lives and the things that are important to them.

It can be difficult to get rid of old furniture on your own, such as TVs and couches. You must transport them downstairs, around tight bends, and into your vehicle. Then you must drive it yourself to a scrap yard or a dump.

Having your junk removed makes your job much easier. After you select what is rubbish and what isn’t, you can sit back and watch as professionals take the major objects out of your house. You won’t even have to worry about where to take it. Professional junk removals know where to remove it to be safely disposed of, so you can rest easy knowing you’re helping the environment. Everyone benefits.

What Is Included In Residential Junk Removal?

Even if you don’t want it to, junk tends to pile up in the storage areas of our homes, whether we plan for it or not. When you have too much stuff, contact experts in residential junk removal who will be there to help. Professional cleaning services can clear out your garage, move your workout equipment, and even support you in getting rid of any outdated electronics (e-waste) in your house or business. Here are some instances of items that people discard:

Old Appliances

Electronic waste



Other electronics

Rubber and tyres

Junk from the house

Box springs and mattresses

Rugs and carpets

Yard waste

Waste from remodeling

Garbage and refuse

Old Furniture

General garbage

pool tables

Hot tubs


Exercise equipment

There are fridges and freezers.


Scrap metal

Medical waste

Other materials

Why Hiring A Professional Junk Removal Service Is A Good Idea

You don’t have to wait until spring to get rid of things that are taking up space in your life. You can do it any time of the year. If getting rid of your junk seems overwhelming, hiring Junk Jerks to do it will make the whole thing easier, better, and faster.

Save Time And Stress With Junk Removal Services

It might be difficult to find the time to remove clutter from your home. To begin, do all of that you already have and select what to retain and what to discard. The junk must then be hauled somewhere and taken to a location where it can be repurposed, distributed, or tossed away. There seems to be a situation to handle, which may also make the junk removal operation daunting. In addition, you must be aware of the rules governing the removal of the junk.

Junk removal isn’t a luxury in today’s world. Instead, it’s an important service that will help take the stress out of your life. Our junk removal services will surprise you with how well they work. We’ve been in business for a long time and have the experience to put on a very good show.

Junk removal or clutter shouldn’t take weeks. Our people who get rid of trash do this every day. So, stop wasting time and energy and just call a professional.

Cost Savings

It’s no surprise that going to the dump on the weekend isn’t a great idea. What is surprising, though, is how much it will cost. You’ll probably have to rent a truck, put gas in it, and maybe get day-of insurance to get rid of the junk. When you get to the dump, you’ll have to pay fees for tipping and getting rid of your trash. Also, it costs more to throw away some things, like refrigerators and air conditioners with Freon. When you add up all these fees, you’ll find that they add up to a lot of money.

The best way to save money is to hire a junk removal professional team with great customer service. Because of how many people we work with, we can make junk removal more affordable for our clients.

How Much Junk Removal Costs In Canada?

In the last few decades, the junk removal industry has worked hard to make prices more consistent. Even though prices are different in each part of the country, there are still some things that can change how much it will cost in the end.

When figuring out how much it costs to get rid of junk, two big things come into play:

The first thing is how much space the trash takes up in their truck.

The second is how many trips it takes to remove your junk the right way. In other words, the money for gas was

How Much Do Junkers Cost?

When the time comes for old furniture removal, for example, old sofa, dining table, recliner bed, bookcases, beds, hot tub, or old appliances, you may not know what to do with them. A junk removal service could charge you up to $200 or more to take it away. Many companies in Toronto that take the junk away have a minimum fee of about $280. Prices will gradually go up for jobs with more than 3–4 pieces of furniture, based on the number of pieces. Then, they reach their highest point in Toronto, where a full truckload costs more than $730. At that price, you can be sure that your furniture will be delivered carefully to the local dump.

Junk removal companies in Canada either charge by the hour or give a one-time estimate based on the factors listed above. You can ask your contractor to give you an estimate from both sides so that you can decide which way to pay.

Cost Of Junk Removal In Major Canadian Cities:

City Name Average Minimum Maximum
Barrie $451.26 $120 $1,500
Calgary $1,004.75 $100 $50,000
Edmonton $655.81 $100 $10,000
Guelph $1,600 $1,200 $2,000
Hamilton $417.99 $100 $4,000
Oshawa $221.67 $100 $500
Ottawa $428.72 $100 $3,200
Toronto $517.87 $100 $24,000
Vancouver $825.08 $100 $20,000
Winnipeg $525 $450 $600

*costs as of November 2020

Source: HomeStars Canada

Tips To Find A Junk Removal Company

Many companies say they are licensed to take care of your junk, but you need to do your own research. Doing some research now can save you time and money down the road. Here are some tips to help you find the best residential junk removal services for the job:


Like with any other contractor, you need to be sure that the junk company you’re working with has a good name. If you want to find a business with a good name and fast service, you should start by asking family, friends, and neighbors to recommend one. This is also a good way to figure out which businesses you shouldn’t hire. Generally, most homeowners we know are willing to share their stories so that we don’t have to go through the same thing. Online reviews are another way to find a well-known business with great service that takes away junk. What other customers say about a business is a very important part of deciding whether or not to hire them. If you are a member of a local business group like the BBB or Chamber of Commerce, you could also call them to find out the name and contact information of a local junk removal contractor. Choosing a company with a good name in the field can give you the peace of mind you need to know that your job will be done right.

When you hire residential junk removal services to clean up your mess, you don’t want to waste time waiting around. The faster they can clean up your home, the sooner you can get away from the job. When you contact a business, you should think about how quickly they answer your questions and messages. No matter how much you pay, it’s not worth it to have to wait weeks for them to come to take your junk away.


The truth is that not every company that takes away junk does the same thing. When you contact a company you’re interested in, you need to know exactly what they can do for you. This is especially important if you are working on a building or home improvement project. When working on these kinds of projects, you will probably find a lot of junk removal needs to be thrown away. This could include the walls, the concrete, the roof, and other things. Peace of mind will come from knowing that the company you choose can handle anything during work.


A good junk removal agency will be able to give you a variety of tools to help you move into any residential and commercial areas in the greater Toronto area. For example, there are different sizes of bins and trucks. A reputable company will also let you rent the tools you need for junk removal. This will make the junk removal process easier for you.

Recycling How you dispose of your garbage should include some sort of recycling. This can help keep the environment from getting too full of trash and get valuable materials back into the supply chain so they can be used again. This helps lessen the risks to people’s health and the environment. Recycling can be taken care of by companies that help with junk removal. If experts handle and sort your recycling, you can save money. Also, it gives you peace of mind that getting rid of your junk was the right thing to do.


Many people think that the price is an important part of their decision, but it’s important to know what’s included in the price. If the company can’t give you bins or offer to recycle your junk and doesn’t clean up after they take it away, the price isn’t worth it. Hiring a professional junk removal agency is the same as hiring any other service. Think of it as a way to put money into your house. Think about how much time and work it will take you to remove the junk yourself. Find a place that can give you good service at a fair price.

What Questions Do I Ask Junk Removal Companies?

Asking the right questions about junk removal companies will help you find the most qualified people for the job. Here are some questions you can ask a company that does trash removal to get you started:

Are you not covered?

What kinds of junk removal?

Do you just junk it?

How quickly can you do the job?

Can you tell me how your prices work?

If you ask these questions, you’ll be able to make the best choice about price and project scope.

How to get rid of your own junk safely.

When you get rid of your junk the right way, you avoid a lot of the risks that come with moving big or heavy things on your own. Follow these tips for getting rid of junk to stay safe:

Wear clothes you can exercise in.

Warm up before you pick up something heavy.

Take in a lot of water.

Bend at the knees and use good form to avoid getting hurt.

Make sure the trash you want to get rid of isn’t dangerous.

Stick to your limits.


A junk removal job is never an easy one. It feels fantastic to get rid of the unnecessary stuff that is cluttering up your house and life, especially when you can delegate all of the heavy liftings to someone else.

The rubbish disposal sector is critical to the sustainability of our planet. Our landfills and oceans will have less waste to cope with if we all work together to reuse and recycle materials.

I hope you found this post useful! I hope you enjoyed the detailed guide on rubbish disposal and wish you the best of luck.

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