What Do Your Favourite Flowers Actually Mean?


Most people love flowers. Whether that be growing them yourself in your garden, or receiving a delivery of fresh flowers from a loved one, we can all agree that having fresh flowers in the house adds a little something extra – they make a home feel more homely.

Placing a beautiful bouquet in your hallway, or on your dining table can bring a relaxing ambiance in your home, and will help to make you and any guests you have more at ease.

Your Favourite Flowers

There have been many studies done on the benefits of having fresh flowers in the home, including lower stress levels, better sleep, better mental health, and helping to relieve pain – yes!

We all have our favorite type of flower but did you know that each flower has a certain meaning? This is known as the ‘Language of Flowers’ – let’s take a look now at what the most common favorite flowers mean.

Flowers To Symbolise Love


So you want to express your love to someone with flowers? This has been done for many hundreds, possibly thousands of years. What better way to express someone your affection than with a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers.

Red roses are a traditional symbol of love, think of the male lead in almost every romantic comedy, he’s usually trying to woo the object of his affection with a bunch of beautiful red roses.

Red tulips are to symbolize true love, so they are a popular choice in anniversary bouquets.

Sticking with the red theme, both light and darker red Carnations mean love and admiration, with the lighter red leaning more towards affection and the darker red meaning passionate love.

Another popular red flower that signals love and passion is the red Camelia; these are a popular choice for flowers given to someone in the dating stage of a relationship.

Gardenias signify secret or unrequited love and are popular as a bouquet from a secret admirer.

Forget-Me-Nots are a small but beautiful flower, and they symbolize true love and are very popular in wedding bouquets.

Flowers That Symbolise Affection


If you’re not at the stage of love quite yet, but want to signal to someone that you like them and would like to get to know them better, then you may be better off with these, rather than the red flowers to signify love.

Camelia’s feature here again, but in this case, you would want to go for white or pink varieties to show affection or adoration.

Roses come in so many colors that every color has a different meaning. To show affection, you’re best off with a light purple tone.

If you would like to signal affection to a man, then Sweet William’s are your flower of choice, any color is fine.

If you’d like to send a bouquet to someone you’d like to or have just started to date, then you could get a flower delivery by the Flower Company to impress your potential date.

Flowers For A Funeral


These flowers can either be present at a funeral, at a grave, or gifted to the bereaved to show sympathy and remembrance of the departed.

White Lilies have long been associated with funerals and sympathy, and the symbolize sympathy and rebirth.

Another popular flower of remembrance is the poppy. We know this flower so well, as it is seen everywhere around remembrance day in November each year. The poppy means remembrance, and it is often a poignant site to see fields full of poppies.

Purple Hyacinths are often associated with spring and can be seen growing freely at that time of year. However, it is their meaning of sorrow and regret that makes them a popular choice at funerals.

Cherry Blossoms are a beautiful flower that only appears for a short time each year. They signify the fragility of life and beauty. This is the reason you will often find trees that produce this beautiful blossom in graveyards.

Flowers For Illness


If you have a loved one who is unwell and you’d like to express, get well wishes to them, then there are flowers for that too.

Pansies come in a whole variety of colors, and these beautiful blooms mean ‘thinking of you,’ so if you know someone that is going through a rough patch, sending some pansies is a good choice.

Peonies are a wonderful flower, which brings a smile to anyone’s face. They signify healing in general, so this is an excellent choice for your unwell loved one, and the bright petals of this flower will help to make them feel better.

Flowers To Symbolise Happiness


Hopefully, you and your loved ones will experience many happy times throughout your lives, and there are many different flowers for happy occasions.

Sunflowers are just wonderfully bright and happy flowers, so they are an excellent choice for any happy situation. In symbolism, they mean admiration and loyalty.

Daffodils, when given as a bunch, signify good fortune and new beginnings. These flowers are one of the first to appear after a cold and miserable winter, hence their meaning. However, never give just one daffodil, as this means you wish misfortune on that person.

Gerberas mean cheerfulness and joyfulness, and you can see why these flowers mean this; you only have to look at them to feel happy.

Iris flowers mean good news, and also signify wisdom, making them an excellent flower for someone who has just passed an exam or has graduated.

This has just been a very brief look at what different flowers mean. The subject is much more in-depth and is worth further study if you are interested.

The Victorians attributed a great deal of meaning to flowers, their color, and even in which hand they were given and received. Of course, these days we don’t follow such rigid social rules, but learning the language of flowers is nevertheless very interesting.

Don’t be put off; however, if your favorite flowers don’t mean what you want them to mean, as long as you love them, that’s all that matters.

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