What Does An Art Dealer Do?


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Introduction To Art Dealing

We live in a world driven and defined by artistic expression and art itself. Quite literally, everywhere you look, you will see the impact of art, the manifestation of design. Many people find themselves aspiring to create such masterpieces, the hand behind the craft, and with due reason, artists and their productions have long marked the pages of history books. That said, there can arguably be even more said about those that facilitate said masterpieces.

The patrons that commission these artistic pieces, the middle-men that congregate their passing of hands, and collectors who own and disown them will. That’s right, dear reader, we are talking about an art dealer. But what exactly is an art dealer, and what is the process of art dealing itself? That is exactly what this article will delve into. So without further ado, let us begin.

To Be An Art Dealer

We shall start by delving into what exactly an art dealer is, and in doing so, we shall divulge various details about the process of art dealing itself. Art dealers are people, groups, or organizations that partake in the buying and selling works of art. They can also be those who facilitate the buying & selling of art between external parties.

Within the contemporary art world, art dealers like Napoleon’s Fine Art usually locate and communicate with the various artists with whom they intend to deal & represent. In the midst of this, the dealer will also branch out to numerous museums and collectors who exhibit a keen interest in the artists’ field of work. Each art dealer will seek out their own unique path of producing a profit in their enterprise; some dealers aim to influence the tastes of the general market, whereas other dealers aim to anticipate these tastes, properly aligning their exhibits beforehand merely.

Many dealers try to make their general aesthetic exclusive to a specific time period. Location or historical event; they will often travel internationally and frequently appear at various art-themed gatherings such as exhibitions, auctions, and even artists’ studios, seeking to find something that may catch their eye as valuable. After a dealer has laid his eyes on a work of art that he believes can net him a worthy profit, he purchases the piece then resells it. This reselling will occur between the dealer and an institution (such as a museum) or a collector themselves.

On top of this, dealers often have their purchased works exhibited in their own galleries for potential customers to take a gander; they will usually play a major part in preparing said galleries for public viewing.

The Process Of Art Dealing

Next, we’ll be briefly delving into the process of art dealing in and of itself. The process of art dealing can be vaguely compared to active stock market investing; all players intend to buy a valuable asset at a low price, then sell it off later at a higher price. If you have purchased a Banksy for $2 Million, you hold the piece until you can sell it off for $20 Million and take the profit.

Unfortunately, this process can sometimes leave an extensive gap in pay between the artist and the dealer, but at least you’re on the winning side of the deal. Art is often put up for sale at events such as auctions, in which the highest bidder during a given session will be the appointed owner of the subject piece.


All of this being said, we hope we’ve provided an extensive and satisfactory description of art dealing and what it is that art dealers do. The world continues to be run by art, and it shows no signs of changing anytime soon.

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