What Is A Chimney Sweep?


Chimney Sweep

The reason for having your chimney inspected and swept might not be apparent at first glance; however, regular sweeps are essential nonetheless. In addition to venting smoke and combustibles outside, chimneys perform many other functions, such as heat system regulation, protection from harmful toxins, etc.

How To Know If The Chimney Needs Sweeping?

When a chimney needs to be adequately swept, several signs indicate that it needs to be done. Here are some of the signs:

Unpleasant Smell From The Chimney’s Fireplace

The smell that emanates from a chimney at certain times can indicate the need for a chimney sweep.

The smell is often the result of creosote, which has built up over time. Creosotes form in the fireplace when wood-burning occurs, creating smoke containing creosotes.

It builds up when the smoke from the fireplace rises slowly, leading to the accumulation of such harmful substances. A chimney sweep must occur immediately after the smell is noticed to prevent structural damage to the chimney or a fire hazard.

Oil Spots

Wondering why your fireplace looks oily? Your fireplace walls look oily and dark because of a substance similar to tar known as creosote which is harmful to your chimney.

There can be some obstruction due to this substance being built up on top of your chimney. It causes fire to burn colder and erratic when airflow is reduced.

Animal Nests

Occasionally, we may see our little friends wandering into the wrong hole, leading to animal injury and chimney damage.

Nests can restrict airflow through a chimney if they are present. Nesting animals most commonly found in chimneys are squirrels and birds. Covering vents with chimney caps is the best way to prevent nesting. Taking care of this issue requires the services of a professional chimney sweep.

Cost Of A Chimney Sweep?

The cost of a chimney sweep varies depending on the client’s needs, and the level of inspection required: the less inspection and sweep, the cheaper the work. NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) provides three inspection levels for chimney sweeps. The inspections vary and have their price tag and packages.

Level Inspection Details (Baic) Price
Level 1 Visual Check.

Chimney Evaluation.

Basic Chimney Sweep.

$80 – $200
Level 2 Level 1 Inspection Included.

Re-Fitting Required Parts.

Further Evaluation.

$100 – $500
Level 3 Level 1 and 2 Inspection Included.

Suitable for Chimneys With Serious Damage/Structural Damage.

$1000 – $5000
Chimney Type Average Cost
Gas-Type Chimney $80 – $130
Pellet Stove Chimney $130- $200
Wood-Stove Chimney $150 – $300
Wood-Burning Chimney $85 – $100; $800
Prefabricated Chimney $150
Mansory Chimney $200

Why Choose Eco Chimney Solutions For Your Chimney-Related Needs?

Eco Chimney Solutions is located in Seattle and offers its services across all parts of the state, making it the better choice for your chimney sweep needs. Eco Chimney Solutions has proven itself in consistency, performance, and delivery. It continuously retains its right as one of Seattle’s top chimney service providers, and the feedbacks gotten by previous clients are just so excellent.

Several features have helped Eco Chimney Solutions set itself apart from other Seattle chimney sweep companies. As a chimney sweep firm, they place a high priority on client satisfaction, unlike other competitors. Their track record in the industry of Seattle chimney sweeps helps them establish their presence.

With over 15 years of experience, they have never failed to deliver top-notch services to clients. In contrast to other chimney sweep companies, they are committed to the satisfaction of their clients.

Eco Chimney provides clients with unique, budget-friendly services. As one of the best chimney service providers in Seattle, they can confidently compete with other companies. They offer attention to detail, value for money, affordable pricing, and they provide comfort to their clients like no other. Get in touch with Eco Chimney Solutions and get solutions to all your chimney needs. Pricing:

Services Price
Chimney Sweep – Full sweep of your chimney. $59
Chimney Repair – Repairs all small to medium damage to your chimney. $99
Chimney Inspection – Full evaluation, inspection, and detailed report. $32
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