What Is A Disc Valve?


Disc Valve

Valves have many different names and a variety of functions. These engineering components allow engineers to safely regulate the flow of process fluids, with most industries relying on them as they are low-cost, simple to use, and effective. We hope you find this article on valve anatomy to be useful; however, it will go into greater detail about the disc valve. In the following sections, this valve, its operation, and its applications will be discussed to provide interested purchasers with an indication of where and how to order a disc valve.

What Are Disc Valves?

A typical disc check valve has an offset between the disc and the valve body, as shown in this photograph. Disc valves are a type of closure device that may be used in various valve types. A disc component is occasionally utilized to control flow through the pipe, whether it’s to completely close a valve or to permit restricted flow. Gate valves, butterfly valves, and other valves that seal with pressure tightness are all made of them. They function as components of check valves (as seen in figure 1), gate valves, and butterfly valves, among other things. They can be manually or automatically activated and are available in various sizes to fit normal pipes. Eccentric valves, high-performance butterfly valves, and wafer check valves are all types of ball float valves that can shut off flow in various ways. The disc-type valve is ideal for a wide range of uses, both high and low pressure, with particular success in process lines, hot water systems, and viscous and corrosive applications.

How Do Disc Valves Work?

The purpose of each disc valve is determined by the device to which it belongs. The overall feature that distinguishes all disc valves is the valve disc, which functions as the main pressure barrier. This disc is used to keep back the full force of the incoming flow pressure and depressurize the outlet, with one option allowing fluid to flow past it or being completely perpendicular to it and restricting the outflow. The disc valve is generally made of hardened alloys to withstand this kind of strain, and various actuation methods are utilized to place the disc in this position. It’s difficult to make broad statements about all disc valves without getting into specifics, so we’ll look at the many sorts of disc valves in the following section.

Types Of Disc Valves

The following are three examples of disc valves, all of which limit outflow through a system. Note that this broad class of valves is further subcategorized by many different manufacturer/application-specific disc valves.

Butterfly valve: A butterfly valve is a type of disc valve that gets its name from the fact that the disc (the “butterfly”) resembles a wing. This particular disc valve is used in systems where flow must be shut off quickly, such as in fire sprinkler systems. The butterfly check valve consists of two halves, with each half having a disc that’s able to rotate around a central spindle. When the two discs are in line with the pipe, flow is unimpeded, but when they’re perpendicular to it, flow is halted.

Wafer check valve: A wafer check valve is similar to a butterfly valve in that it too features two discs; however, the wafer check valve is designed for use with thinner pipes. The two discs in a wafer check valve are also hinged to a central spindle but are much thinner, as the name suggests. Wafer check valves are often used in sewage and irrigation systems.

Gate valve: A gate valve is another type of disc valve that is used to control the flow of fluids, though it is not as common as the butterfly valve. The main difference between a gate valve and other disc valves is that a gate valve has a movable plate that slides up or down to open or close the valve. Gate valves are most often used in water systems.

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