What Is A Picture Window And How Do You Decorate It?

On November 11, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

Of all the different window types, the picture window is said to be the oldest and most austere. Used in almost every culture across every era, the picture window is loved for its simplicity and artistic beauty. The large, stationary window doesn’t open or move: It exists to cast light into a room and illuminate all the objects within it. Even though a stunning picture window doesn’t need much in the way of decoration, homeowners may still feel the desire to spruce up their picture window when guests arrive. Here are a few tips for making your picture window stand out for company.

Keep It Simple

Window Decor
It can be difficult to choose the right windows for any given room, especially when that room is the centerpiece of social activity in the home. With a picture window, the emphasis is always on the view. However, the beauty of a picture window is that it allows homeowners to look out while letting the light in. This is a key detail when it comes to understanding how to best decorate a picture window. Since this type of window is stationary and mainly about aesthetics, less is always more. Whatever you’re trying to do at the borders of your window, it helps to remember that your window is the main event. The view is always the most important aspect of the picture window, and whatever you do to decorate should call attention outward, not inward.

Dress Down

Stunning Picture Window
When it comes to wallpaper, drapes, or holiday decorations, the less is more angle goes double. Brightly colored paint or wallpaper is always a good idea for windows that allow a lot of light in throughout the day. While darker paper or accented patterns can be a great way to spruce up a room for the holidays, they can also decrease the amount of natural light the room receives. When it comes to temporary decorations around the window’s frame, keep it simple. Gold and white accents are best when it comes to emphasizing the outside view. If you’re looking for a more permanent decoration, framing your window with moldings or ornate drapes can also help elevate the style. For larger windows, it’s best to keep things light and flowing. For smaller windows, drapes or blinds can help minimize or maximize natural light as you see fit.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Picture Window
Since your picture window uses the outside world to paint a literal “picture” as the view, taking inspiration from that view is a natural step in decorating. When thinking about the room and the view, taking their relationship into account through noticing complimentary colors and accents will go a long way toward helping you establish the mood. For instance, if your window opens onto a lot of green, use white and gold to frame the view. When the leaves change, try burnt orange drapes to accent the changing colors outside. In the winter, darker colors can help take away the harsh whiteness of the snow’s glare.

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