What Is A Seed Starter Kit?


Seed Starter Kit

Seed germination is the process in which the seeds form into a new plant. Germination requires an adequate amount of water and the right levels of oxygen, light, and temperature to grow. The seeds can undergo germination only when a favorable environmental condition is provided. Improper soil temperature, moisture content, and other variable factors can all impact seed germination. To avoid such variable factors, indoor germination of seeds is the preferred method with the help of a suitable seed starter kit. The starter kit requires a minimum of 3-5 weeks to germinate the seed into a proper plant.

The grabo start is an easy solution for planting and growing herbs, vegetables, and fruit at home. Grobo start is a newly designed compact system that makes seeds grow within three to five weeks thanks to its compatible 3 seed system grow box. Seeds can now grow more easily than ever as compared to other seed germination kits.

Features Of Seed Starter Kit:

The seed starter kit consists of the below smart operating features:

  • Two light cycles from energy-efficient LED lights
  • Adjustable LED light height
  • Easy to fill and clean water tank
  • Humidity domes for better germination
  • Startup to 3 seeds at once
  • Educational push notifications

Benefits Of Seed Starter Kit:


Purchasing a plant from the nursery means you are paying someone else for growing the plant. With the help of the starter kit, one can grow the plant easily without any hassle. For growing the plant indoors, you will need to purchase the seed, reducing the cost of planting. The kit can be reused to grow different plants which will allow for cutting the costs even more.

Larger Selection:

With the help of an indoor seed germination process, you can use various seeds to grow the plant. You can also use the seed to grow a native plant.

Higher Quality Plants:

You can use more than two seeds to allow germination in the pot. The most vigorous seedling can be transplanted into the garden providing a higher quality of plants.

Healthier Plants:

When the plants are grown under your supervision, you can provide favorable conditions that accelerate the process. The inevitable requirements include an adequate amount of water, light, and oxygen. Controlled temperature is provided to the seed for germination resulting in a healthier plant than the plants grown by the gardener.

Why Use A Seed Starter Kit?

The seed germination process is not easy as it requires time, material, light, and space. In cooler regions, heating pads and extra light must provide enough energy for seeds to germinate. Whereas, in regions, with hot climates, the plant needs to be protected from the sun’s harsh rays and carefully watered to thrive.

Some experts suggest soaking seeds for faster growth of the plant. Researchers have concluded that some seeds actually have germination inhibitors. These inhibitors must be isolated to make germination possible.

A seed starter kit can help in combating these issues and save time by accelerating the germination process resulting in better yields and healthier plants.

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