What Is Contemporary Sculpture Artworks?


When most people say ‘sculpture,’ they probably imagine a statue of Venus of Milos – after all, ancient Greek art has been the benchmark for centuries. But the modern art of sculpture has incredibly expanded the classical canon!

  1. What Is Sculpture As A Type Of Technique?

Sculpture is the art of creating three-dimensional works in marble, metal, stone, clay, and other materials. It is an integral part of urban space, architecture, and interiors. Each master uses his favorite technique: Michelangelo, the great master of marble, would hardly have appreciated modern polymers, and artists of the 21st century hardly work with noble marble anymore.

Contemporary sculpture is made from a wide variety of materials: concrete, glass, aluminum, copper and steel, fiberglass, cardboard and paper, and even rubbish or industrial waste. The most common sculpture techniques today are:

  • carving (stone, marble, sandstone)
  • casting (bronze, polymers)
  • modeling (clay, porcelain)
  • carving (wood)
  • assemblage (combining finished objects and their fragments)
  1. What Is The History Of Sculpture?

We do not know when the first sculpture appeared. But we know that during the 3rd millennium BC, many ‘Paleolithic Venus,’ exaggerated female figures, was created, and this is the first ‘mass’ sculpture.

Sculpture Artworks

Every era is marked by masterpieces: the head of Nefertiti and the Altar of Pergamum, the Capitoline Wolf and Michelangelo’s David, Voltaire sitting in an armchair, the Little Mermaid, and Rodin’s “The Kiss” are important milestones in the development of sculpture. The twentieth century saw a real revolution, not just because of Duchamp’s “Fountain”! Contemporary sculptors abandoned the attractive figurative and ancient canons and began to create modernist sculpture: abstract, geometric, expressive, and not always understandable to the inexperienced viewer, but interesting because of that.

  1. Modern Sculpture From Eastern Europe On G.ART Gallery

The online art platform G.ART Gallery sells contemporary sculptures online along with other artworks of Eastern European artists. In the collection, you will find unique interior wooden objects and beautiful examples of contemporary bronze sculptures. Bronze has been used to create sculptures for thousands of years, and it is a long-lasting beautiful material with noble hues.

  1. How To Choose And Buy Sculpture Artwork?

Before you buy a modern sculpture, evaluate the interior in which it will “live.” Original abstract and geometric sculpture fits well in minimalist or avant-garde interiors, eco-style, and loft. Realistic figurative sculptures are perfect for classic, chic, fusion, oriental, country interiors, and so on.

Buying sculptures online is a convenient way, which has been booming in recent years. You’ll find a huge selection of works from all over the world, in a variety of styles and at a wide price range. Reputable online galleries work with professional artists and guarantee a safe purchase and reliable delivery of sculptures.

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