What Is Decking And Aspects To Consider

On September 9, 2017 by Lara Buck

Decking is a platform that is flat and composed of flooring materials such as, joists, uprights, bearers, and many other different types of flooring materials. Even though this is usually constructed with the help of redwood, cedar, timber, and pine that is pressure-treated, some of them are made up of wood materials that are composite by nature. This type of decking is usually resistant to insects and rarely shows warps or buckles.

Many people are opting for decking because it can serve as an aesthetic pleasing addition to the home, which is affordable as well. It can be constructed as free-standing independent structure that takes advantage of the scenic view in the environment. In addition to, decking provides rustic and unique warmth to the location if it is properly maintained.

Timber decking has a lot of advantages because of the wide variety of purposes it can be used for. It serves as a critical component of garden landscaping and a perfect alternative for patios. Timber decks can extend the living areas of the home.

Differences Between Decking and Patios

Patio is usually the courtyard of a building or house. However, when compared to a courtyard, a patio usually does not need wall surroundings. Decks are always made of wood or composite material. Decking is usually not at the ground level. The other differences are shown below.

Materials for Patios and Decking

Deck Boards
The decking and patios can be only distinguished by the material. The material that is used to build patios is usually made up of rock, pea gravel, pebbles, brick, stone, tile, and pavers. This proves that there are many options when it comes to selecting the materials for patios. Decking is only made up of either wood or composite. The most commonly used materials are cedar and redwood.

Installation of Decking and Patios

Traditional Patio
Patios are less expensive when it comes to installation. Even though wood is cheaper than concrete, the manpower and time that is required to build a decking outweighs the low costs.

Maintenance of Decking and Patios

Perfectly Serene Patio Space
Mold appears in patios and decking. Hence, patios and decking should be regularly cleaned. Just because the mold cannot be seen it does not mean that the mold is not present in the decking and patios.

How to Build Green Decking?

Green Decking
The overall preservation of the earth should be never underestimated when it comes to building a deck or a patio. Considering this both decking and patio is not very different. The steps that are used for building a green decking are-

For composite decking, recyclable materials should be used. During decking construction, high priced luxury decking material, such as ipe, is usually avoided. Also, the best material for green decking is the wood that is certified by Forest Stewardship council, which is usually harvested in a very responsible manner.

If a house owner loves lawn, there can be no reason to understand why both a lawn and a decking can be installed in the garden. This will allow the user to define the outdoor spaces differently in the outdoor area. It might sound costly but it is very cost effective. This option is very good for sites that are sloped. Timber decking works well when it is used to create steps and pathways and it also blends in well with the garden’s natural materials. Based on all of this, go for the decking option that you think is appropriate for you and your house.

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