What Is Septic Pumping, And Why Would You Need It?


Septic Pumping

A septic tank is a tank that’s usually underground. You might have one for your house, though not all homes do. There, sewage is collected, and it gradually decomposes.

Bacterial activity is what brings about this process. The sewage is then drained away through what is known as a leaching field.

Septic tanks work well for homes. Sometimes they malfunction, though, and that is when you must get a company to do septic pumping for you. If you need septic pumping, CT has several reputable companies that can handle the job. Let’s talk more about this practice right now.

The Basics

Your septic tank, if your home has one, will most likely be made of fiberglass, plastic, or concrete. Your wastewater flows through it unimpeded, provided everything is working correctly. There are a couple of different processes going on in your septic tank at all times, including anaerobic digestion and settling.

If your tank is working correctly, there’s no need to think much about it. In this respect, it’s similar to most other systems in and around your house. It’s when something goes wrong that you’ll notice an issue. With your septic system, a problem can become noticeable relatively quickly.

If you need septic pumping, what has most likely happened is that there has been a backup somewhere in the system. At that point, you need a skilled plumber to come and remove the sludge from the septic tank. It will be in the form of liquid and floating solid matter.

As you might imagine, a sewage backup stemming from a septic tank is no laughing matter. You’ll need someone to deal with this immediately. Otherwise, the backup can render your home uninhabitable. You might need to go stay with relatives or friends until you get the problem sorted out.

How Often Must You Pump Your Septic System?

If you have a septic tank, you usually want to pump it every three to five years. Many times, individuals or families who have a tank and have forgotten to pump it are those who need septic pumping.

There are also alternative systems you can set up that will essentially do the job for you, so you don’t need to tackle it manually. However, you should get a professional to come and inspect all the mechanical components, pumps, and float switches at least once per year.

Having a regular maintenance appointment with a plumber can save you a lot of grief. This preventative measure often allows you to avoid the cost and trouble of septic pumping. It’s when you ignore your tank for too long that backups become likely.

What Are The Advantages Of Septic Tanks?

Since septic tanks can back up, you might wonder why you would want one in the first place. Their durability is one reason. If you properly maintain a septic tank, you probably won’t need to replace it. Also, they are environmentally friendly. They don’t contaminate your water supply, which is a huge point in their favor.

They remove most of the bacteria before the water running through them is released back into the soil. The water that is recycled through the tank also gets absorbed by any nearby plant life. It’s possible for you to have a lush, green lawn due to the water that the tank periodically releases.

How Do You Know Your Tank Needs To Be Pumped?

If you have trouble flushing your toilet, or it seems to be backing up often, that probably means your tank is due to be pumped. Your pipes might also drain very slowly or make an audible gurgling sound.

You may see water pooling in your yard that smells foul, like sewage. The smell is usually a dead giveaway. Even if everything seems to be functioning correctly, but you detect a strong sewage smell, you need to get a plumber to come to your house right away. Even if your tank does not require pumping, something is going on with it, and the problem will not usually go away on its own.

How Does The Pumping Happen?

During a professional pump job on your septic tank from a plumber, a truck-mounted vacuum system will be brought to your house. It’s large and heavy. The technician will stir up the debris in your tank. They will then start siphoning off the solids and liquids that are causing the backup.

The process might take as long as a couple of hours, or it may not take that long. It all depends on what exactly is happening with your tank.

You should also know that when a plumber talks about cleaning and pumping your tank, they might use the two words interchangeably, but that does not mean they’re the same thing. Cleaning is a regular chore that takes place during an inspection. A pump job is an emergency action because a backup has taken place.

How Does Cleaning Differ From Pumping?

With tank cleaning, the plumber will remove the compacted sludge and water from the tank. They will then run the system to make sure there are no blockages. This is something that will most likely happen during your tank’s yearly maintenance appointment.

During a tank pumping job, the plumber will remove not just the liquid that’s backing up but also all of the floating sludge and solids. This job is usually more costly.

Find A Reliable Plumber To Handle This Job For You

If you need someone to fix your septic tank because you’re running into one of the issues that we mentioned, make sure you get a plumbing company that deals specifically with septic tanks. Some of them will handle indoor plumbing jobs, but septic tanks require specialized training, knowledge, and equipment.

You need a plumber with all of those who are also available immediately. If you have a septic tank that’s backing up, you’ll regard that as a genuine emergency, and doubtless, your neighbors will as well.


  1. Thanks for also talking about the frequency of having to get septic tank pumping services. I’d like to find a good septic tank pumping service soon because my drains have been getting a bit smelly lately. It would be best to get that sorted out sooner or later.


  2. I like that you talked about how you usually want to pump a septic tank every three to five years. My father called me the other day and he gave me a reminder about our house’s septic tank. It has already been a while since it was last serviced, so I’ll call a septic tank pumping expert soon.



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