What Is Texture Coating Paint Used For?


Texture Coating

Paint comes in many different colors and types. Homeowners worldwide use paints and finishes to decorate their walls and any paintable area of their houses. But aside from the usual satin, flat, and eggshell variants, many also use texture paint.

Texture coating paint can be store-bought or homemade, usually by adding sand to a thick coat of paint. If you’ve never used texture coating paint before, you could try it the next time you’re planning to improve your home. Here are some examples of what this particular paint is used for:

  1. Covering Imperfections

Newly-built or fixed walls still tend to show many flaws. The rawness of a bare wall makes many homeowners want to grab a paintbrush and cover the things they don’t want to see. Texture coating paint helps in concealing imperfections. But unlike using smooth paint, the textures in this type of paint cover minor cracks, small holes, and other irregularities on building surfaces.

Once dried, the paint’s slightly uneven appearance can give the surface a sense of unity. Texture coating paint is also the better choice for new homeowners and home renovators since it’s easy to apply and is crack-resistant after application. You can discover more about the additional benefits of using this kind of paint for your home projects if you read more online.

  1. Replacing Wallpapers

Smooth Paint

Not everyone enjoys putting up wallpaper in their home. Some designs and brands even tend to be quite expensive. Others are also so cheap that they tear away easily or get worn out quickly. As a result, you’ll have to replace them every so often.

However, with texture coating paint, you don’t need to reapply the paint frequently if you find a durable brand. There are paints available in any color you can think of, including metallic shades of gold and silver. So, if there aren’t any wallpaper designs that catch your eye, try covering your walls with texture paint.

The texture in the paint also gives your home interior and exterior a bit of personality that you won’t see on plain, smooth wallpaper. Hence, it’s a viable option to replace all your wallpaper entirely. Texture paint also provides extra depth to a crowded room. If you can’t let go of your pieces of furniture, the bumps and creases from the paint can add more space, even if it’s just through an optical illusion.

  1. Protecting Against UV Rays

Anything exposed to direct sunlight is prone to slow deterioration. Outer walls are victims of sun damage for obvious reasons, which is why these parts of a home tend to receive the most frequent renovations. You can protect your home’s exterior from harmful UV rays by coating it with a thick layer of texture paint.

This type of paint is formulated for UV resistance, making it the perfect cover for any outdoor surface. A high-quality texture paint will have anti-weathering properties and pigment extenders to last for many years. If your exterior walls are covered with texture coating paint, fading or losing their vibrancy will lessen. So, you don’t have to repaint the walls often.

As an additional bonus, texture coating paints also help cool down a house during hotter months. Since the paint reflects UV rays, you’ll notice your home interior feels much cooler if you use it on your outer walls.

  1. Strengthening Walls

If you have weaker walls, there’s a possibility that they’ll decay from frequent exposure to wind and rain. You can prevent damage from happening quickly by coating your walls with texture paint. The paint offers resistance to the natural elements, so the walls can last longer and need fewer touch-ups.

Furthermore, since the paint covers imperfections well and is waterproof, external forces like mold can’t seep into the cracks and worsen the damage. Additionally, walls covered in texture coating paint also require less maintenance, which means you spend less money on repair materials and paint.

  1. Decorating Plain Walls

Some people prefer the plainness of walls so they can add decorative pieces like frames and shelves to give them life. Alternatively, you can make your walls unique by putting a fresh coat of texture coating paint.

The paint comes in various textures to suit your tastes. You could use orange peel textures in the kitchen or bathroom or roll-on textures for bedrooms. You don’t even need to paint the whole wall if you don’t want to. Texture paint is excellent for making accented borders in living rooms or a home office. Paint them in these seven most popular colors of paint so it’ll be easier for you to boost your room’s aesthetic appeal.


Texture coating paint is an ideal alternative to regular paint on any significant part of your home. It serves as both decoration and protection for your interior and exterior walls. If you want a more economical way to design your home and shield it from the elements, try using texture paint the next time your walls need a new paint job.

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