What Is The Cost Of Architectural Cladding?


Architectural Cladding

Architectural cladding is a versatile method of protecting and enhancing a home’s exterior. It adds visual interest and artistic flair, using various materials such as wood, metal, and concrete.

The cost of architectural cladding depends on several factors, so it’s important to budget accordingly for each project. To help with budgeting, here’s a guide to architectural cladding costs.

Benefits of Architectural Cladding:

Architectural cladding refers to materials placed over a building’s exterior to protect it. Unlike basic cladding, architectural cladding is like an art form that combines materials and designs to enhance a building’s aesthetics. It can create a modern and contemporary look, adding curb appeal and increasing a home’s value. Additionally, architectural cladding offers better insulation for temperature and sound.

Factors Affecting Architectural Cladding Cost: The cost of architectural cladding varies based on several factors:

  1. Material: Different materials have different advantages. Metal cladding offers insulation and comes in various colours and finishes. Timber cladding provides a streamlined look, while masonry cladding offers options like stone or concrete panels.
  2. Amount: The quantity of cladding required affects the cost. Combining materials can create a unique look, limiting the use of more expensive options. Larger exteriors will also cost more, even with bulk discounts.
  3. Finish: The finish of each material impacts the cost. Custom colours and special treatments can increase the price. For wood, proper sealing is necessary to prevent rot and decay.
  4. Situation: The condition of the underlying structure affects the cost. In new construction, installation is straightforward. However, in renovations, any damage to the framing or substructure adds to the overall cost.
  5. Details: Design intricacies and material manipulation involve additional costs. Adjusting the size of metals and timber to accommodate unique angles or layouts requires extra effort.
  6. Installation: Installation costs are separate from material costs. They depend on the area covered and the complexity of the installation. Larger structures may require scaffolding and additional safety equipment, increasing the cost.

Cost Of Architectural Cladding In Melbourne:

The cost of architectural cladding in Melbourne varies based on several factors. Typically, cladding is priced per square meter, and the material choice influences the cost. Stone veneer cladding, with its precision and labour-intensive installation, can range from $150 to $250 per square meter, while aluminium cladding is around $100 per square meter. It’s recommended to obtain precise quotes to accurately estimate project costs.

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