What Is The Cost Of Chimney Cleaning


Chimney Cleaning

A chimney, commonly found on the roof of a building structure, is a channel-like design developed to emit smoke from a fire or furnace within the building. A chimney is primarily used to conduct combustion gases or smoke and direct the gas or smoke out of the apartment.

Thanks to technological advancements, chimney cleaning has been made easier to perform. However, it is recommended to make use of professionals for the cleaning of chimneys. Using quacks to clean chimneys can result in severe damage or a fire hazard.

People often overlook the importance of cleaning a chimney. In a report by the National Fire Protection Association Standard, creosote and soot should be cleaned and inspected annually to prevent chimney damage.

Regular use of a chimney requires adequate and consistent cleaning to improve its maintenance and usage. For wood-burning chimneys, it is recommended to perform chimney cleaning more often than other types of chimneys as it is mainly used during winter.

Chimney Cleaning: The General Cost?

There are different levels when it comes to chimney cleaning. This is due to the various types of chimneys, and they each require a certain level of maintenance to sustain their functionality. The average cost of chimney cleaning is within the range of $100-$500. The levels include:

  • Minimum Cost – $85. This is the minimum cost of chimney service that a professional cleaner can offer, such as cleaning a gas-type chimney.
  • Level 1 Inspection – $100-$200. The services provided for a level 1 inspection include interior and exterior inspection of the chimney; top-bottom service; chimney cleaning services, including the smoke chamber, firebox, etc. A level 1 inspection can take 30 minutes to complete with a maximum of a day.
  • Level 2 Inspection – $300-$500. The services provided for a level 2 inspection include all services provided in inspection 1. It also includes inspection of other house parts, including the roof, attic, joint and internal part of the flue liner. A level 2 inspection can take 30 minutes to complete with a maximum of a day.
  • Level 3 Inspection – $1,000-$5000. The services provided for a level 3 inspection include all services provided in Inspections 1 and 2. The level 3 inspection offers a complete evaluation of the chimney’s overall function and potential for repair if problems arise.

Chimney Cleaning: Cost Determined By Chimney Type

Chimneys vary in size, make, and functionality. Each variation of a chimney requires a professional specializing in cleaning the chimney. The levels of chimney cleaning depend on the chimney type. They include:

  • Gas-Type Chimney

The cost of inspection and cleaning of a chimney made of gas

range from $85-$250. A gas-type chimney is one of the most sought-after types due to its cost, easy installation, and maintenance costs. They are ideal for people who are sensitive to smell, and it produces a clean atmosphere in the home. It requires minimal cleaning compared to the other types of chimneys.

  • Pellet Stoves

The pellet stove is a chimney primarily used in private homes. The inspection and cleaning of a pellet stove range from $175-$350. A significant reason for its use by homeowners is that the pellet stove was designed to be environment-friendly. Unfortunately, its use requires constant cleaning to retain its functionality. However, a limited number of chimney cleaning professionals offer the pellet stove cleaning service. A little bit of digging is needed to find one.

  • Wood Stoves

The wood stove is another chimney used in private homes. A wood stove inspection and cleaning costs between $200 and $500. The wood stove requires constant cleaning to maintain its functionality. It is required that the chimney be cleaned at least once annually. Also, the wood stove presents the problem of animals who use it as a nest. Non-linear four wood stoves attract an additional cost of $50. Removal or cleaning of pipes attracts an extra $20 fee.

Wood-Burning Chimney

The cost of inspection and cleaning of a wood-burning type chimney ranges from $300-$1000. This type of chimney requires the highest level of maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures that damage is not caused to the chimney or the house. It is recommended that wood-burning chimneys be cleaned at least quarterly to maintain their functionality.

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