What Is The Difference Between A Bathroom Remodel And Renovation?


When planning changes around the house, you might contemplate remodeling or renovating. These terms are often used out of context. In deciding what type of work you need to do, it’s essential to understand what these terms mean.

What are remodeling and renovation, when should you home remodel or renovate, what changes does your bathroom need?

We’ll explain the differences of each term to you below. But, before you make any changes to your bathroom, read on to know how the process works.

Which Is Right? Remodeling Or Renovating?

Bathroom Remodeling Or Renovating?

When your contractor asks you what needs to change, you must use the right term. There are certain distinctions between renovation and remodeling. Before choosing to hire contractors from room additions, Los Angeles companies, read this:


Bathroom Renovations

This means restoring something into a state of good repair. Renovations aren’t a tremendous job to take. They can be smaller tweaks or sometimes dramatic changes.

  • Handle restorations or repair on an existing structure
  • Fixing the structure so it functions the way it should be
  • Improving the structure to make it pleasing to the aesthetic


Bathroom Remodeling

This means changing the structure or the form of a room or building. You are updating or changing the primary function of a room.

  • They do not fix structural problems
  • You build on an existing design of a room
  • You are not redoing a room
  • It’s changing the physical aspect of the room or structure

Do You Renovate Or Remodel Your Bathroom?

Renovate Or Remodel Your Bathroom

If you look for “renovations or bathroom remodel near me” companies, you will find a lot. The trick is knowing which job you want them to do.

Renovating A Bathroom Means:

  • Updating or installing bathtubs
  • Updating your flooring, sinks, tiles, and toilets
  • Gutting the entire bathroom
  • Adding missing features that weren’t there before
  • Adding switches or outlets to maximize the bathroom function
  • Updating electrical and plumbing functions

Remodeling A Bathroom Means:

  • Changing the design or layout
  • Relocating existing fixtures
  • Expansion
  • Adding new features to enhance the bathroom function

Why Choosing The Right Option Matters

Bathroom Improvement Ideas

Now that you know the renovating and remodeling differences, it’s easier to plan. You can tell your contractor what you want to do without overlapping the process. Confusion and disagreements can happen. But when you understand the changes you want in your bathroom, you can explain them better.

Some contractors have offered different consultations for different processes. This is why it matters that you are set on renovation or remodeling in the first place. You can also save money and focus on which change is more important.

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