What Is The Interior Design Of Houses In Turkey?


Before moving into a new apartment, many people wonder where to buy furniture in Alanya. Yes, some apartments are pre-furnished, but some customers want to furnish the house according to their own taste. Moreover, it is not always clear in what style to equip a house in Turkey. Learn all about it below.

Classic Interior Design

The main attribute of each Turkish home, whatever city in Turkey you do not visit, is the carpet. In Turkey, they are laid everywhere. But the carpet in Turkey is not only a sign of wealth and aesthetic taste. First of all – it is a keeper of warmth in their homes. In the winter, all houses in Turkey are covered with winter carpets with a thickness of 1.5 centimeters. In order to keep the heat, they cover all areas of the floor.

The carpets are real wool carpets. By the way, the pillows in Turkey are also made of sheep’s wool. But such pillows require special care because wool tends to be knocked down in shreds.

Classic Interior Design

It is quite normal in Turkey to take off your shoes and leave them at the door. And if in our country these shoes will be gone in a few seconds, in Turkey no one will touch them, because it is not customary there. The order is different.

“Turkish home” is a model of home furnishings in Turkey. Turks give preference to functional and, at the same time, decorative furniture. Furniture made and decorated by hand is highly valued.

In the center of the room, as a rule, there is an ottoman – a comfortable sofa without a backrest. It is low and soft. On sofas for convenience are placed mattresses and a sea of pillows. Upholstered furniture in a Turkish home is of very high quality and refined. It has long gained love throughout the world.

The presence of a handmade trunk in the Turkish home is not considered a novelty. In such trunks, as it used to be and nowadays, clothes, products, and various household items are kept. Many such chests are locked. They are made without using nails, made of cypress, which is beneficial to the smell of things stored in them.

If you are going to buy property in Turkey, you will meet most classical furniture there. Tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets, coffee tables, and chests of drawers are all present in the homes of Turks. In new apartments, you can also choose the option that the builder immediately prepares an apartment for you with all the interior finishes and furniture. The quality of the installation work is always done to a high standard, and you can choose several interior design options, but do not expect unique ideas and handmade furniture.

The color palette of this classic interior design in Antalya, Turkey, is inspired by nature, with shades of yellow, blue, green, brown, or gray predominating. Ornaments on the walls are indispensable in this design style, and gold and silver details create a sense of luxury and glamor. Natural wood, marble, or stone floors are best for houses in Antalya, Turkey, decorated in the classic style. Wood is the most widely used of these materials.

What Store To Buy Furniture In Turkey

Stores in the country will leave everyone satisfied. By design, you will find classic, modern, loft, minimalism, and others. If you do not consider yourself an aesthete, but the main thing for you — it’s a convenience, you can get by with specialized supermarkets that focus on trading building materials and decor. For example, stores in Koçtaş and Tekzen. Their selection is more modest, but the cost is lower.

Upholstered Furniture

For office equipment, visit SETTE Home Garden Office. The price tag in the store is not higher than average, but the choice of furniture is extensive.

Of course, we should mention IKEA that is familiar to everyone. We dare say that you are sitting right now on a chair bought in this store. The familiar brand works in Alanya online, so you can look for the right furniture anywhere in the world, and in Turkey to place an order from home and wait for delivery.

Furniture In Alanya

Of course, the first thing is to buy furniture. Alanya is a big city, so it’s easy to find dozens of stores specializing in the sale of furniture and furnishings. By the way, if you move to the Mahmutlar area, you will not even have to go out of its borders to find everything you need, because it has a very well-developed infrastructure. This applies not only to the furniture but to everything else.

Be sure of the quality of the furniture here. Turks sell it even outside their country because its good quality and modern design are in demand even outside the country. Note that in Turkey, it will cost you markedly cheaper because there is no surcharge for exports. It is recommended to buy furniture from these manufacturers:

  • Çilek Odası;
  • Tepe Home;
  • Bellona;
  • Alfemo;
  • Casa Mobilya;
  • Zebrano;
  • Bilal Mobilya;
  • İstikbal;
  • Konfor Mobilya.

Each of these companies sells good products at a good price.

Buying Home Appliances

Let’s consider the stylish, comfortable furniture we provide ourselves. Let’s move on to the selection of household appliances. We will buy:

  • Gas stove;
  • Washing machine;
  • Refrigerator;
  • TV.

Focusing on budget brands, you can go shopping at TurkishExporter. Approximate prices will come out as follows:

  • Gas stove – from 300 lire and above.
  • A washing machine – 2,000 lire and up.
  • Refrigerator- 500 lire and more.
  • TV – from 350 lire + satellite antenna (from 200 lire). Yes, young people have long been using portable devices or computers, but TVs are still popular among the elderly.

In conclusion, let’s calculate our costs. It will take approximately 5000-8000 lire to fully equip an apartment.


Scandinavian minimalism in the mood and colors used in the interior of the Turkish houses organically coexists here with custom-made furniture in the colonial aesthetic.

All furniture is complemented and embellished with natural textures such as wood, marble, and brass, defining the overall dominant style with some features.

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