What Is The Right Tortoise Direction For Financial, Health And Relationship Stability


Tortoise Direction For Financial, Health And Relationship Stability

We see tortoise at everyone’s house. People who haven’t enough knowledge they put the tortoise in the wrong direction.  Then it won’t give you the perfect result what you are looking from it.

Have you ever thought why they are in different shapes, sometimes they one on one, what is the purpose of the tortoise to keep in the house?

As you all know the story of “Samudra Manthan.” The Samudra Manthan happened on the tortoise’s body that time it worked as stability.

In the area of life where is no stability, there we use the tortoise.

What’s the most unstable thing in your life that disturbs your entire life? One is money, and another is health.

 When you do not have stable money relationships stagger, stress takes place; you don’t get respect from people around you, many other variations join with this — that why we should place tortoise in the north. When you put the tortoise in the north direction; place it in the water. As we all know tortoise is very comfortable in the water and on land as well.

That’s why when you place it in the north keep the tail should point towards north.

It should look like it is coming from the north. When it is coming from the north, it is the embodiment of money. If you keep it in the water, your wealth will increase.

If you have health issues;  Keep the tortoise in the northeast, your health issue will disappear day by day. Secondly, when you keep the tortoise in the northeast, put your medicine box beside it. You have to direct the energy. When you do something, you have to do it purposely after all your home is the extension of your subconscious mind.

When you visit the shop, view 100 things and purchase some particular items. Put them in a specific place of your home? Why you do so? Because your body works according to your subconscious mind. That’s why when you do some remedy; do it with clear intention, so that you can get amazing results.

We all know shell of the tortoise is very strong, also the life expectancy is somewhere around 120 to 150 years.

If we want stability in the relationship (because there is also stability important) don’t place the tortoise single – keep them in a pair. Or keep it with the family like small big tortoise together. You have to keep it in the southwest. Also, it should be of brass, which leads to stability in the relationships.

Tortoise Direction

For financial stability: keep the silver colour tortoise in the water. It’s tail pointing towards north. And keep it on the land.

For health stability: ideally, the tortoise should be brown or of the wood. Keep the medicine box with it and put them in the northeast direction.

For relationship stability: tortoise should be either of brass or gold colour. It should be placed in the southwest. But don’t keep it single keep in pair or a group.

So try and place the tortoise and see the changes in life.

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