What Makes Replacement Windows Energy-Efficient?


Replacement Windows

When people research companies for window replacement, they usually check things such as styles, materials, and aesthetics. But the main question they want to be answered is about energy efficiency. So the question is, what does it mean to be “energy efficient”, and how is that determined? The simple answer? Your windows are the barrier between the outside and inside of your house. They keep cold and hot air out of your home. So what is it about windows that provide energy efficiency?

Scientifically Engineered Glass

Since its development about 3600 years ago, glass has been steadily improving in quality and efficiency, with the goal being limited heat transfer. Single pane glass will permit up to 90% heat transfer. Double pane glass reduces that to less than 75%. A third pane can reduce heat transfer even further, but at that point, the weight of the glass becomes an issue. This is why you need to consult professionals for window replacement.

Window Frame Materials

For centuries glass for windows was set in wood frames, sealed by different types of glazing material. Recently the most effective development in window replacement has been vinyl which is four times more efficient than wood and has weatherstripping built into the frames. This is why when you have a new window installation, you should consider vinyl double or triple-paned glass.

Choosing The Right Window Installation Company

No matter what glass or frame material you choose for window replacement, improper installation can cause leaks, which will lead to costly repairs. That is why choosing the right window company is another crucial decision energy efficiency.

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