What Method Is The Best Foundation Repair In Kansas City?


Best Foundation Repair

The best foundation repair in Kansas City will be whatever method fits your structure’s needs, based on the extent and type of damage! A foundation repair contractor can inspect your property and then suggest the best choice for foundation repair.

In the meantime, consider some differences between various foundation repair methods. This information will help you better understand your contractor’s recommendations, so you can then make the right choice for your property.

When Crack Patching Is The Best Foundation Repair In Kansas City

At the first sign of foundation cracks, call a repair contractor and schedule patching and filling. The sooner you address those cracks, the less likely they’ll grow and spread. Patching and fillers also block moisture, protecting concrete from softening and weakening.

Foundation crack repair is not as expensive or time-consuming as property owners might think. Most cracks can be filled with polyurethane injections which expand and then harden. This process might cost as little as $300 per visit; however, the material can also break down over time, so plan on having it repeated every five years or so.

Why Underpinning Is The Best Foundation Repair In Kansas City

Underpinning refers to adding specialty piers or pins under or next to a severely cracked foundation. Steel pins offer maximum support to a foundation; these pins are then attached to the foundation sides while the structure is liften into a more level position. These pins should last for decades, if not indefinitely.

Piers are like pins but made from concrete columns installed under a slab foundation. These piers offer added support, keeping a foundation level and stable. Piers are also permanent, but both pins and piers might cost $1000 to $3000 each, making this one of the most expensive foundation repair methods available.

House Leveling Is More Common Than You Might Think!

House leveling might sound very invasive, but it’s more common than you might think! Once a structure has settled, it needs to be lifted back into place and then given added support to keep it level over the years.

House leveling or slab jacking starts with holes drilled into the foundation concrete. Leveling grout is then poured through those holes under the foundation. Hydraulic equipment lifts that part of the sunken structure as needed, so the grout can then dry and harden.

Slab jacking might average from $600 to $1800 or more. This cost depends on the amount of leveling and grout needed. A foundation repair contractor might also suggest other repair methods in addition to house leveling, such as crack patching or underpinning.

Repairs To Damaged Basement Walls

Once basement walls show cracks and begin to bow inward, you need to schedule foundation repair in Kansas City immediately! Bowing walls are at risk of collapsing, which can mean more severe framing and structural damage as well as water damage to the foundation concrete.

Specialty straps help brace up bowing basement walls, pushing them back into place and providing added support. These straps might cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000 each, so your total costs will depend on how many are needed for proper repairs.

When Your Property Needs Foundation Leak Repair

If a slab concrete has started leaking, it needs immediate repair and waterproofing. Leaks indicate a break all the way through concrete, so patching and fillers usually aren’t sufficient. Leak repair requires excavation around the foundation slab so that a contractor can access that damaged area.

Once the leak is filled and patched, your foundation repair contractor will also typically need to add waterproofing or a sealant to protect those repairs. He or she might also suggest an added drainage system to keep water away from the foundation concrete. Sump pump installation, grading, or a French drain might be needed, adding to your overall foundation repair costs.

Why DIY Is Not The Best Foundation Repair In Kansas City

Shop your local home improvement or hardware store, and you’ll see lots of products offered for foundation crack repair and waterproofing. While a property owner might fill in hairline cracks with over-the-counter products, and some waterproof paints and coatings can help keep a basement dry, quality foundation repair is not a DIY job!

One reason to call a foundation repair contractor in Kansas City is that he or she can perform a full, thorough inspection, spotting damage that’s difficult to note at first glance. He or she can also decide if the structure needs leveling along with underpinning or patching, ensuring it’s stable and won’t sink or settle over the years.

Some foundation repair also requires excavation and hydraulic lifting, using heavy-grade equipment you can’t typically rent at a hardware store. It’s also vital that you rely on an experienced contractor for house leveling so he or she can lift your structure safely and securely and ensure it stays in a level position over the years. Contractors also have access to commercial-grade equipment not readily available over the counter, but which ensures quality repairs!

Why Waterproofing Is Needed Along With Foundation Repair

When discussing the method that is the best foundation repair in Kansas City, your contractor might suggest waterproofing solutions or better drainage options for your property. One reason for this is that concrete absorbs moisture, softening and cracking over the years.

Waterproofing and improved drainage for your home or commercial property can then avoid future foundation damage! Directing water away from a structure helps keep concrete dry, while waterproofing repels moisture while still allowing concrete to expand and contract as it settles over the years.

Waterproofing is also especially vital for basements, as excess moisture in this space can mean stained drywall and ruined building materials, as well as damage to items stored in the space. This includes major appliances such as water heaters and clothes washers and dryers, which can easily rust in a damp basement! Waterproofing, along with the best foundation repair in Kansas City, ensures a clean, dry space, safe for occupation and storage, and a stable structure in good repair.

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