What To Consider Before Creating A Perfect Outdoor Wood Fireplace?


After working for a long hard day, the only thing that makes you feel at ease is the opportunity to unwind in the evening. Apart from favorite music tracks, mobile games, and pub hangouts, what soothes your soul is the relaxing nights spent sitting around your outdoor wood fireplace placed just a little away from your home. Bring a cane of beer or a glass of pleasant wine and your best pals, and outdoor wood fireplace will offer you pleasure and peace of mind right outside your house.

Living space that you enjoy inside your home is nothing as compared to what you can enjoy sitting in a cluster around the fireplace. The fireplace can not only act as the undeniable extension of your property, but it will also add value, happy outdoor moments, and personalized experience to your evening soiree. It provides warmth and coziness at the time of winter and allows you to steal time to relax and rejoice with family and friends.

Despite knowing numerous benefits offered by an outdoor wood fireplace, folks often go ignorant about creating the perfect vibes and structure of the fireplace. The key to getting the most adorable fireplace of your dream is planning, considering all relevant factors ranging from material, place, location, surrounding ambiance, fuel type, and safety measures. Here is what you need to think of before creating your outdoor fireplace adjacent to your house.

How About Having Some Safety Standards?

Outdoor Wood Fireplace

  • Provided that your house is situated on or near slopes, the code of fire protection will not allow you to celebrate outdoor wood fireplace since it has hidden potential to create quickfire hazards. Some communities, therefore, keep at bay the idea of having outdoor fire gathering. This kind of wood-burning can be made safe through spark arrestor that restricts hot sparks from accidentally setting a neighbor’s house on fire.
  • Never build a fire using accelerants like charcoal lighter fluid or gasoline or other readily combustible fuel since it can increase the chance of creating unfortunate hazards.
  • Due to excessive emission of smoke, it is best practice to have a chimney installed with the height being at least 2 feet more than adjacent properties.
  • While creating an outdoor wood fireplace design, one of the cautious criteria to consider is keeping the draft of wind-blown smoke from you. Many outdoor fireplace lovers opt for the smoke shelf to reduce the disastrous phenomenon.

The Ambient Conditions Of Your House Location

Outdoor Fireplace

  • The location you want to use for your outdoor fireplace activity is of critical value. If stationed near a swimming pool or spa, the fireplace can deliver additional warmth and light. You need to double the fun. This kind of arrangement feels attractive, and your guests and folks will enjoy the warmth of an outdoor wood fireplace a lot after having a quick swim or spa session, especially when designed with such careful considerations.
  • If your house is gifted with a large backyard, it will be a great idea to create an intimate setting by means of building a separate patio a little further from the house. This will enhance your enjoyment level, giving your right enough space for entertainment activities with a large outdoor wood fireplace as the primary focus.

Mingle And Relax In Style

Outdoor Wood Fireplace

Depending on your requirements, mood, comfort, and available resources, there are many types of styles and designs for an outdoor fireplace. You can have a fire bowl, or you can comfortably ignite the fire using a permanent fire pit. However, creating a durable fire pit style means investing a lot of good bucks and spending long hours stacking bricks and mortar together. If you are kind of a person who tends to choose enjoyment over money and time, you can opt for an outdoor wood fireplace arranged with the help of a safe fire bowl that burns real wood. So get down with your feet on the ground, four lounge chairs, and a fire bowl in the center to create a warm and lovely late-night spot for chats and revelry.

Fireplace Materials That Bring The Ultimate Feel

Outdoor Fireplace Structure

The most commonly used outdoor fireplace structures are usually made of various materials such as brick, stone, river rock, flagstone, metal, fieldstone, concrete, etc.

  • Brick is usually found in traditional establishments and has timeless attributes that enhance the value and life of the fireplace. It is an affordable choice and offers many options in colors and textures.
  • Stone is the material whose effect has something to do with hills and nature and gives a comfortable country feel.
  • Rock materials like fieldstone and flagstone please your eyes with lovely color variation, earthy appeal, and beautiful texture.
  • Concrete offers a perfect finish and contemporary style, and they are quite easy to build.


There are quite a good number of options to choose from when it comes to designing the outdoor fireplace of your imagination. The perfect outdoor wood fireplace must deliver what it set out to in terms of fun, pleasure, good times, and relaxation. However, safety is also essential as fire can take a dangerous shape and destroy your fun moments if not managed carefully. Whatever you do, make it work by choosing the best material that accommodates all your needs and expectations.

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