What To Consider When Decorating Children’s Bedrooms


Decorating a bedroom for a child and giving them a space that is their own is an excellent idea. You will want to create a comfortable space for them, and if they are old enough, you should discuss with them what they want in their room. Decorating does not need to cost a fortune if you plan things well, and the price of it will all be worth it when you see their little faces light up once they see the finished design. Below are some considerations when you are looking to decorate your child’s bedroom that you will need to think about before starting.

Work Out What Is Needed

Children's Bedroom

Of course, you are going to have to decorate the room, but you will also want to consider what your child is going to need. How much storage is in the bedroom and will they need more? Are you going to opt for built-in furniture or freestanding? What is the colour scheme going to be? Are there going to be any feature pieces such as a Wendy House or hanging chair? When you work out what is going to be needed, you can then come up with a plan and a budget to ensure that the cost is going to be minimal.

Do The Work Yourself Or Hire A Professional?

Children's Bedroom Design Ideas

Another point that you will want to consider is whether you are going to do all the work yourself or hire a professional to do the job for you. If you are going for built-in furniture and you do not have experience with DIY, it may be best to use a professional for the job. If you are looking at getting freestanding furniture, then you may wish to use professional house painters Gold Coast homes hire for a stand-out and superior finish. When you have decided who is going to do the work, you will then need to finalise the colour scheme and type of paint or wallpaper that you are going to use.

Choosing The Colour Scheme

Baby Girl's Bedroom Design Ideas

If your child is old enough, you should get some input from them as to their preferred colour to paint their bedroom. If they choose a strong or bold colour, you may wish to paint one wall in this colour and then paint the rest of the walls in a subtler colour that complements it, as having all walls in the same colour may be too much.

Reading a few articles online will also give you more ideas on how to design your child’s bedroom. Some of them may suggest that you guide them with their choices and even add a few of your own. You will also want to choose the right type of paint for the walls and will want something that can preferably be cleaned easily in case of accidents or marks from children playing. If there is any paint left over from when the decorating is complete, make sure that you keep this in case any marks are made to the walls which cannot be cleaned off. Having extra paint means you can clean the wall as best you can and then give it a touch up without having to repaint the walls.

These are just some of the easy tips and ideas that make a huge difference when it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom.

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