What To Do If Your Car Key Is Not Working After The Battery Change


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When your crucial fob malfunctions, your entire schedule can be disrupted. Your crucial fob may seem far-fetched if you think of it as requiring maintenance, but it isn’t something to overlook since when it fails, you may not be able to enter your vehicle or even start the engine. Identifying the problem and whether it’s easier to fix or replace the key fob is the first step if your key is damaged.

Electric keys fail most often because of their batteries, as you might guess. While you may need a ride to buy a replacement fob battery or contact a professional locksmith in St Petersburg, this is a relatively easy issue to fix. Having spare batteries or even a backup key fob at home or in your backpack or purse when you travel is an excellent idea since it is such a common problem. Here are some of the methods you can apply if your car keys are not working.

Methods That Can Help If Car Keys Are Not Working

Try To Replace Batteries

If the inability to drive your car prevents you from purchasing new batteries because your key fob is not working, consider asking a friend or taking a ride share service. After you get the new batteries, hopefully, your broken key will be fixed. Locksmith in St Petersburg may be necessary to reset or reprogram your key fob when you change the battery in your car.

Changing Programming

Many older vehicles have DIY programming procedures for their remotes, but almost all keyless ignition fobs require advanced equipment. A more complex car key must be programmed at a higher cost.

If you don’t have a spare car key, you will likely have to pay a higher price for car key duplication. In the case of a malfunctioning fundamental Locksmith in St Petersburg, service techs cannot just capture a signal, so they must access the car’s onboard diagnostic port.

Try Updating Your Key

It may be necessary to replace a key fob if the fob does not work. Replace a car key fob will cost a different amount depending on the vehicle’s make, model, and year. Aftermarket electronic car keys can lower your replacement costs than official branded products.

Purchasing your products from the manufacturer or getting a Locksmith in St Petersburg to recommend products and program them will ensure that your new key works.

Try Fixing Your Car Instead Of Key

A key fob not working when the problem is with a car is not the issue. It depends on what the key fob is not doing to determine your solution. Are you having trouble starting your car? There is no way to transport your vehicle to a mechanic, but you know there is likely a problem with the ignition switch/fuse. Most key fob problems can be fixed by yourself, but most car problems will require the attention of an automotive technician.

Try Contacting A Professional Locksmith

Locksmith in St Petersburg can also unlock your car, which is required for programming. Whenever you don’t have a key, it is also advisable to call a professional locksmith because they can make keys from your lock without any difficulty.

A locksmith can also be an excellent resource for troubleshooting the problem and finding out precisely what is wrong. Your car key may not need to be replaced. As we have already discussed, existing keys may decouple from your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port in various ways.


The simplest solution is always the best. A dead battery may be the cause of your key fob not working. It would be best to consider more comprehensive solutions like a locksmith in Tampa after changing the battery. Whenever you cannot determine what is wrong, you should call a Tampa locksmith to diagnose your issue and find the best solution.

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