What To Know Before You Buy A Sectional


Modern Sectional Sofa

A sectional is something many of us dream of adding to our living room or entertaining space in our homes.

Whether you opt for a modern, modular sectional or more traditional design, some of the benefits of this spacious and comfortable type of sofa include:

  • Of all the benefits of a sectional, one of the most notable is the additional space it gives you. You have an abundance of seating space, whether you want to stretch out with your family for movie night or you entertain frequently.
  • Sectionals are extremely versatile. Many allow you to change the configuration as you want, and in particular modular sectionals allow for this.
  • Sectionals are good for maximizing the use of space in a room. For example, if you have corners you’d like to fill in while keeping space with an open flow, sectionals are great for that.
  • A sectional sofa looks great, and it often feels high-end and custom.
  • If you have an open floor plan, a sectional can be a good way to arrange the space and create a feeling of more coziness and a room within a room.

With that being said, buying a sectional can be tricky. The following are some things to know and some common mistakes to avoid.

Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Buy a Sectional

There are plenty of mistakes that can occur when you buy furniture, but they can be avoided with planning. Some of the mistakes that can come with the purchase of a sectional include:

  • Don’t buy a sectional that’s the wrong size, but beyond that one, that’s the wrong proportions. It can be easy to get the overall size right with measurements, but think about how the proportions will look in your space. For example, you don’t necessarily want a huge, bulky, and overstuffed sectional in a small space, and vice versa, a sleek, streamlined sofa might not make enough of an impression in a large space.
  • There are a lot of different configurations for sectionals. You should make sure that you’re choosing the right configuration based on factors like the height, depth, and arms in addition to the actual layout. For example, do you need a right arm facing sectional or a left arm facing sectional? How would a chaise fit into your space? There are also L-shaped sofas and U-shaped sofas. There are also symmetrical sectionals that work in a corner, but otherwise may not be a good option in certain spaces, particularly if you’re going to have a coffee table.
  • If you buy a sectional with a great design and configuration but the wrong fabric, it’ll be a problem as well. The fabric you select should be in line with your family’s lifestyle. For example, you want a fabric that’s going to be durable against wear and tear and easy to clean if you have children.
  • Don’t think you can’t have a sectional because you don’t have a large space to work with. There are fantastic sectional options that will work within smaller spaces.
  • Be cautious when it comes to rounding corners on a sectional. Rounded corners can take up a lot of unnecessary space, so unless you have a huge room that you want to fill up, this may not be the right choice for you.

Other Considerations When Buying a Sectional

Some other things to keep in mind when buying a sectional are:

  • If the price is a primary consideration, typically the fewer pieces your sectional has, the less expensive it will be.
  • Think about choosing an option that will grow with your needs or the needs of your family. For example, choose a sofa with a simple configuration for right now, but one that leaves open the option of adding additional pieces later on.
  • Consider sectionals with slipcovers. This means that you’ll be able to change the upholstery if something gets dirty or damaged easily, or you want to change the aesthetic of your space.
  • Play with your configuration before you buy anything. You may be able to find an online tool that will allow you to do that. For example, if you wanted two chaise lounge sections, but you have a small space, you could be tempted to go with a one-seat armless piece in the center. That would ultimately be a disaster without enough room for everyone to comfortably sit on the sofa.

Sectionals are a great furniture option, but be strategic when you’re buying to ensure you make the right choice.

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