What To Look For In A Moving Company When You Want To Move To Houston


Have you decided to pack up and move to Houston? Committing to a long-distance move may worry you because you have no idea where to begin. There is actually so much to prepare for, but this must not be a time for you to feel stressed because you’re about to unfold a new chapter of your life.

Making arrangements for your move can be overwhelming. However, one thing you must do right is to hire a moving company that will arrange and guarantee that your move to Houston is a success.

5 Features To Look For When Hiring A Moving Company To Houston

A Moving Company To Houston

Even the most organized person can find moving stressful. Hiring a moving company when you’re moving to Houston makes everything easier. Meanwhile, looking for the most reliable movers is a whole different task. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself having headaches, damaged furniture, or paying excessively more than expected.

Here are features to look for to avoid encountering problems during your move to Houston.

  1. Hire A Local Mover

Moving Company In Houston

Hiring a moving company in your area prevents the risks of getting tricked into making a deal with a dishonest mover. Some of these scammers operate over the internet and can lure you into making “good” deals with them. Look for a moving company in your local area, visit their physical office and survey their equipment.

  1. Ask For In-Home Estimates

Request for around three in-home estimates. In-home estimates ensure that you’ll receive accurate moving quotes. Consider a moving company that sends an agent to evaluate and estimate your properties/belongings.

  • Avoid accepting quotes online: Likewise, be skeptical if a given estimate is strangely low or if they provide an estimate online or over the phone without dispatching a representative or agent to do the job. That may be a sign of a scam.
  • Schedule an in-home estimate: If your move to Houston involves massive properties and personal belongings, schedule an in-house estimate or video survey to acquire an accurate quote. This will also allow you to meet the representative who will arrange your move until its completion. Moreover, know every detail involving the moving process so you know what to expect during your move to Houston. 
  1. Reputation

Moving Company In Houston

What makes your search a lot easier is narrowing down the moving companies that are actually worth hiring. Harness references from family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, and online client reviews to create an image of the company you’re considering.

  • No advance deposits: Be cautious of a moving company that demands a deposit to “secure your slot” or schedule. Also, know that it’s illegal for a company to demand.
  • Read reviews and complaints: Discover what other clients have to say about the moving company. Search the company name on the web and incorporate words like “reviews” or “complaints.” If possible, check the Better Business Bureau if they have reported or reviewed the moving company you’re evaluating.
  1. Evaluate Credentials

Since you’re moving to a different state, your chosen moving company must possess a number provided by the DOT. That number is a license that identifies commercial trucks hauling cargo from one state to another.

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA): If a moving company claims they’re licensed, they must present the DOT number on their website. Further, the company must possess a carrier number provided by the FMCSA. Check out the motor carrier numbers to ensure the moving company you’re evaluating is legitimate.
  • In-state requirements: Meanwhile, the requirements for moving companies intrastate vary by jurisdiction. Intrastate movers in some states are unregulated. However, around 33 states require intrastate movers to own a federal DOT number.
  • American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA): The AMSA launched a certification program for client protection called ProMover. This program was formulated to fight scammers in the industry known as “rogue operators.”

Moreover, the program compels movers to undergo a background check. Also, the moving company must abide by the standards of the program. In context with that, make sure to look for a certified moving company under AMSA’s ProMover program.

  1. Company’s Insurance

Consider the company’s insurance from the same web page you utilized to survey their license number. Never hire a moving company that has neither insurance nor a license number. Think of this horrific picture: an underaged, unlicensed driver behind the wheel of a semi-trailer truck. Protect your Commercial Semi Truck with reputed semi truck insurance companies. Find out the insurance cost and the appropriate coverage you need. Call Strong Tie Insurance at 866-671-5050.

  • It may be their side job: Not having a license number and insurance means you’re signing up for a group of people who claim to be a moving company but are actually only doing it as a side job.
  • Have your belongings covered: Check under the renter’s or homeowners’ policy if your personal belongings are covered during the move. Otherwise, consider acquiring supplemental moving insurance.


Selecting a reliable and prestigious moving company in Houston is crucial in preparing for a long-distance move to Houston. Although, searching and evaluating potential moving companies may require a bit of legwork and effort on your part. In the end, it will all be worth it.

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