What To Look For While Buying Electric Smokers


Before you buy an electronic smoker, you should know some basic guides to getting a quality one. Otherwise, you will end up with a dysfunctional item. Here are some tips according to Cookout Pal on choosing the best electronic smoker for your home cooking or business.

·        Fuel Type

Electric Smokers
You will have to consider the fuel type the unit uses, as most are designed to use very little wood to create the smoke first before the electric heaters take care of the rest of the cooking process. Therefore, look for the fuel type and avoid those that require too much wood or extra charcoal to smoke.

·        Temperature Control

Temperature Control
Time and temperature usually determine how well the food will look and taste. Therefore, ensure your smoker has it and is in a position to control it very well at a steady pace. Electronic smokers usually have the rheostat/thermostat that does the job. All you have to do is adjust it once, depending on what you are smoking. This saves you a lot of time checking the temperatures every now and then, as the food smokes.

·        Check for Some Openings

The presence of a cavity in an electronic smoker ensures that any excess heat is safely removed from the unit. This retains the right amount of smoke needed in the smoker. Besides, the temperature and smoke levels are also well maintained in the food.

·        Efficient Heat Flow

Proper and efficient heat flow in a smoker is the answer to a properly cooked meal. Therefore, look for an electronic smoker that allows the heat to flow from down to up. This ensures that the food smokes slowly while retaining all the flavors.

·        Size

Before buying this type of smoker, you should check the capacity of food it can cook in relation to what you will be using it for, most of the time. You should note that if you pick a smaller one, then you would be limited to cook very little food at once, while larger ones can give you raw food if you are just smoking for a few people.

·        Power

The power here is usually measured in watts, so check on it before buying. Most range from 500-600 watts while other powerful ones have the wattage of 1500. Likewise, you can opt for infrared technology, if the watt is too small for your cooking.

·        Features And Accessories

Some of the essential features required for this smoker type to produce good results, are racks and trays, and their placement. Some smokers tend to have grill-like trays while others have hollow trays. Always go for the one with grills, as it ensures a perfect smoking, evenly. Besides, the grill tends to leave a nice ring on the food. Also, check if the foil above the grills is quality, for a top quality smoked food.

·        Cooking Options

Cooking Options
Electronic smokers are usually designed to cook loads of different kinds of food. Therefore, check for its level of versatility when it comes to smoking. Besides, if you are a vegetarian, then you are in for some luck as this type of smoker does it all.

·        Price

You should never place a price on any electronic smoker before you read the reviews as well as check on the different types of top brands in the current market. Nevertheless, remember that expensive does not equal to quality and cheap in not inferior. Therefore, read the specifications as well as other details pertaining to its use, maintenance, and level of durability before opting for any electronic smoker.


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