What Types Of Home Renovations Do Masonry Contractors Do?


Masonry Work

Throughout history, we use stone as a base for our shelter or house. Construction is human activity as old as the stone age, where humans primarily use stones for hunting. We build homes to control our environment, such as creating protection from harsh weather (read more). As time passes by, we slowly learn some construction skills that involve the use of binding materials.

One example of the binding material is the use of “mortar,” which is mostly used to bind bricks, stones, marbles, and structural clay tiles. The process of attaching the mortar and the bricks and other materials is called “masonry,” which is a construction technique. Masonry constructions are generally durable, and using different types of materials as building blocks makes them flexible in most cases.

Now, you may have heard the story of three little pigs where the three brothers built different kinds of houses made from other materials to hide from the wolf. The third brother used brick walls and ended up protecting himself from the wolf because of its durability. The story is an excellent example of how the constructions created through masonry can withstand the weather.

A masonry is a good option for you if you are planning to renovate your house. Although you want to use the construction technique but have no idea how to do it, you can try searching for a professional through websites! Yes, it’s convenient and much safer to use websites to find a pro mason near you, especially when there is still a pandemic. Don’t worry, though. The contractors would sure follow safety protocols when renovating your house!

Now that looking for a mason is out of the way let’s go over to the main question. What types of home renovations do masonry contractors do? Well, below is a list of home renovations they could do for you! Do note that they also have different costs depending on what type of masonry work you are requesting.

Home Renovations Masonry Contractors Do

  1. Walls


This is the most famous construction work when it comes to masonry. It has different types to go along with it. Are you planning to build a gate? Or maybe an exterior wall of your house? This is a viable option for homeowners such as you.

Walls are always being requested from contractors; there are many experts out there that could work with it efficiently. The materials they use would depend on you, and so does the pattern. Collaborate with the contractors about the different types of walls you would want to build as they have other purposes.

Load-Bearing Walls

This type is designed to withstand heavy loads, primarily used for the house’s foundation, durable enough to carry heavy materials from the roof down. Its contrast is the non-bearing-load bearing wall that is only used as a partition from rooms to rooms in the house’s interior.

Composite Walls

Composite walls use different kinds of materials, like bricks, concrete, hollow blocks, marbles, and granite. It combines other materials to make a wall. This option is usually a much cost-effective type and recommended for those who want a few styles asides from murals.

Hollow Walls

This type of wall is primarily used to prevent moisture from coming inside the house. The walls have a hollow inside, making it possible to help control temperature by regulating the heat or coldness in the open part, ultimately preventing the temperature’s hotness or coldness.

Reinforced Walls

Reinforced walls, as obvious as it gets, designed to strengthen other walls. It can be a load-bearing wall or non-load bearing. This type helps to withstand lateral forces from above, preventing cracks and possible breaks. This type would greatly help in keeping your house durable as much as possible.

  1. Driveway

Masonry contractors could renovate the driveway for your car towards your garage. Usually uses asphalt or concrete for cosmetic purposes, making it look more decorative and pleasing to look. You can repair your driveway with the contractors as well when there are cracks or other problems.

  1. Chimney

You can renovate your house for a chimney with contractors too. There are many types of chimneys, but if you are looking for more decorative and at the same time useful, masonry chimneys using brick or clay tiles are for you. You can also use different materials too like a cinder block, concrete block, or even stones.

  1. Walkways


Are you looking for a more decorative look for your backyard? Well, luckily for you, you can request a masonry contractor for it! You can negotiate with them about the design you want, what materials you will have them use, the pattern, and the scope of area you want your walkway to be! Oh, but that does not limit to your backyard only. You could also make them construct for the front yard walkway too!

  1. Flooring

One good example of flooring is a brick floor; it is a viable option for places like the kitchen. Masonry contractors could renovate your house floors, and they are not limited to using bricks only. You can also use more decorative materials like slate tiles for your floor.

  1. Masonry Stove

Masonry Stove

Do you like baking bread? Making pizzas or other foods involves the use of a stove? Contractors could help you build one for you! It will make your kitchen look a bit of a medieval look if you are into that sort of style. Bricks are primarily used for the stove, but it is not limited to bricks only; you could use other materials too, similar to the chimney!

Additionally, Here Are Some Advantages Of Masonry Construction:

  • A variety of using materials such as stones and bricks can expand the thermal mass of a structure.
  • The construction helps in preventing fires because the materials are generally non-combustible, which is a huge plus!
  • The structures are generally sturdy, which helps protect your home from projectiles of debris caused by hurricanes. It could also protect your home from harsh weather like floods.

And Here Are Some Disadvantages:

  • The materials used are usually heavy, and it requires the structure to have a strong foundation to withstand it.
  • When exposed to extreme weather for a long time, the materials would undergo degradation and require repairs to prevent further damage.

It is generally weak against twisting forces.

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