What Types Of Kitchen Benchtops Can You Go For?

On May 18, 2018 by Himanshu Shah

If you are buying a new house for yourself or you want to renovate the existing one, with special emphasis on the kitchen, the attention is mostly on the types of materials to be used. You would definitely want to choose the best material to be used for kitchen benchtops; a material that would provide longevity and durability. This article is your go-to guide for the types of bench tops to go for.

A Guide to Choose the Best Types of Kitchen Benchtops for Your House

Kitchen Benchtops

According to reports given by several interior decorating companies, it has been seen that most families find it confusing to select the material for kitchen benchtops. The kitchen is one place which is used the maximum time thus there should not be any compromise on the quality. The following guide would help you to decide.

  • The quartz stone, also known as engineered stone is manmade. The materials used to make this stone are crushed quartz bounded together by an adhesive. These stones come in a variety of colors and designs and have an aesthetic touch to it. The size of these kitchen benchtops are 20mm in width. By pre-ordering, you can also get these slabs at a width size of 30mm. The prices vary depending on the size and styles you choose.

The engineered stones have a fine shiny surface which makes it easier to clean. You can wipe the tops with a damped cloth to remove stain marks. Also, there are few liquid cleaners available in the market which is specially designed to clean engineered stones.

The advantages of choosing quartz stone is related to its non-porous nature, which is the reason why the stone doesn’t succumb to scratches or marks at the time of cleaning. It requires less to negligible maintenance and the edges of these stones are made thicker to provide extra protection.

  • The next in the list of kitchen bench tops are marble. Marble holds a heritable position since history. Marble is the most chosen bench top material and also for flooring. The material used is metamorphic limestone. These stones are white in colour with thin vein like structures engraved on them.

Kitchen Bench Tops
No two marble stones look alike. Apart from white, black marble is also available in the market. The size of marble slabs varies between 20-30mm in terms of width. Marble is a very sensitive material and requires minute cleanliness. If any contact with water, it must be cleaned right away. Sealers provide a protective sheet on the marble but that too needs replacement frequently.

The prices of marble depend on the type of material you are looking for. If the availability of the material is scarce, the prices will be more. The price too depends on the quality and the demand status in the market. Marble is chosen because of its aesthetic touch, uniqueness, a number of variations available and also because of its artistic and beautiful touch.

  • Another material which is gaining popularity is stainless steel. With different types of stones and marble available in the market, choosing stainless steel would give your kitchen a classy touch. Stainless steel is perfect for restaurants or any commercial food places. Stainless steels are easiest to clean and maintain, making it a widely chosen option for both commercial and domestic kitchen.

The stainless sheets are of 1.5mm in width. However, stainless steels are prone to scratches. The advantages are that it can resist hot eateries, it can be moulded into any shapes and it is best suited for commercial kitchens as it is resistant towards chemicals.

Apart from the top three kitchen bench tops materials, other options which are available in the market include laminate, solid bench tops, concrete slabs and porcelain slabs. There are slabs of various costs of higher and lower order. Going through the various options will give you an idea for which kitchen bench tops to go for.

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