What You Can Clean In Your House Before You Hire A Cleaner


Hire A Cleaner

There’s a lot to be said for hiring a professional cleaner, with expert services often the best way of tackling stubborn stains, unwanted marks, and the aesthetic look of continued wear and tear throughout both commercial and residential spaces.

However, one thing that is often overlooked is the importance of regular maintenance and a cleaning regime that you can follow yourself – leaving only the toughest marks, the largest stains, and the dirtiest spaces for professionals.

In this blog, we look at how you can save both money and time by maintaining the cleanliness of certain areas of your home – using the most accessible of tools and the very best tips from expert cleaners.

Keeping Your Floors Clean And Clear

Not only are your floors subject to the highest level of wear and tear in the home, but they also play a major part in the aesthetic look and presentation of your home and so are integral to creating that lasting first impression throughout the home and each interior space within it.

Knowing how to keep your floors clean means understanding the best techniques for different flooring types. Carpets should be vacuumed regularly and treated with carpet cleaning equipment on a semi-regular basis, while hardwood floors should be vacuumed or swept and treated to keep the surface intact and scratch-resistant.

A key tip for keeping floors clean and protected relates to the protection of floors from furnishings. Consider placing small pads on the base of furnishings to protect hardwood and tiles floors and move furniture regularly to avoid carpet from being crushed.


Dusting, polishing, and wiping surfaces are all big players in the maintenance of your interior spaces, with cleaners suggesting that you remove all items from a surface in order to give it a thorough clean.

If you decide to bring in professional cleaners, make sure to keep surfaces as clear as possible so that they are accessible to the cleaning team – making the best and most efficient use of time and investment.

Soft Furnishings

Vacuuming isn’t just for carpets and rugs – it is also an integral part of the upkeep of soft furnishings, including curtains, sofas, and more. When it comes to cleaning curtains and other delicate accessories in the home, proceed with care and be sure to use the soft brush attachment, which dilutes the draw of air into the vacuum cleaner and protects your furnishings from being sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

Soft furnishings can also become subject to mould and stains when your home is not properly ventilated, so take care to air your interior spaces, make sure that they do not become too cold for extended periods of time, and invest in a dehumidifier to protect those spaces which are prone to damp.

How To Know When To Hire A Cleaner

Professional cleaning services are recommended as a support system to your regular cleaning routine, with most homeowners and commercial landlords bringing in professional cleaners once or twice a year – or in the case of a changeover of tenants or homeowners.

Our biggest piece of advice is to spend small but consistent periods of time cleaning your home or interior space, keeping on top of dust and dirt so that marks and debris do not accumulate and cause a build-up. From keeping spaces clear to ensure that surfaces are not sat under a layer of dust, regular cleaning is an important part of both aesthetic presentation and hygiene, and so the more you can do to keep your home in a well-kept condition, the better.

Professional cleaners have both the skills and the tools to deep clean everything from carpets to soft furnishings and entire spaces – with experience in treating homes that have been subject to flooding and other extremities. As such, professional cleaning services have the equipment and skillset that can be matched to any and every need, whether it’s removing stains or giving a tired space a new lease of life.

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